Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early political polls are just that, Too Early!!

I would say that Burr has absolutely no chance of winning. The Senate Race will be at the Top of the Ticket and for Burr that will be something new. He got elected in a Very Strong year for Republicans in which we still had 911 fresh on our minds.

Not to mention that he isn't really a dynamic speaker and has very little Political Achievements to hang his hat on.

Then there of course is the State demographics that will work against him. North Carolina isn't as conservative Statewide as the GOP would have people to believe. North Carolina is much more progressive than it is Conservative and that is clear based on the state electing Women and Minorities on a large scale statewide.

Burr to be quite honest with you isn't all that appealing but the GOP can't really challenge him because there wouldn't be a chance of a Primary challenger winning either.

One more factor. Elaine Marshall, Ken Lewis, and Cal Cunningham are going to Run on Burr's Record in the Primary and in the General Election. With all the added attention focused on Burr the lower his numbers will be. Right now people don't really know Burr. He has done a piss poor Job over the years of representing this state. He has relied on Washington way too much and has forgotten his good ol North Carolina Constituents and has focused on the Classic GOP strategy of looking out for Big Business and Special Interest.

Then there is the compare and contrast aspect of it. You put Burr up against any of the Democratic Primary Challengers and it is painfully obvious that he represents a shrinking segment of the states populuation. Cal Cunningham is young energetic, passionate,intelligent and very driven individual. Ken Lewis is a very smart almost cerebral kind of intellectual while at the same time comes off as very personable and engaging. Ken has the capability to galvanized the African American vote if he can get out across the State and let his Face and his name be known. Elaine Marshall is a very experienced and well known politician across the state. Elaine is very well respected and the Women vote will probably come out in strong support of Elaine. So who does that leave as a Base for Burr? Old White Males. And when the Democratic Primary is over make know mistake the party will rally behind the Primary winner and Burrs numbers will drop even further.

I have met Cal Cunningham and Ken Lewis and I hope to meet Elaine Marshall soon. All of these candidates will make far better Senators than Burr ever could. I have made my choice who I am going to support and this is going to be a very interesting and exciting primary and general elections.

Anthony D. Hall