Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Liberal Mugged By Reality!

I am getting Tired of Sen. Joe Lieberman. I don't know what to do about it. Throughout this Health Care Debate their have many competing views. I have always support a Single Payer System. There have been "Opt Ins", "Opt Outs", "Triggers" and the Public Option! All these ideas have been kicked around. One thing is clear to me that the people that want real Reform want see this bill as real reform unless there is a Public option in it.

To me that was always the line in the sand on the Progressive side. And I firmly believed that they would hold that line. The Conserva Dems (Blue Dogs) were opposed to a Public Option from the start in FEAR that it would hurt the Big Health Insurance Companies (Like I care about the Health Insurance Companies) and they feared that a Public option would be a Trojan Horse to a Single Payer System (which most liberals/progressives want).

So where did it leave the two sides? Two the Conserva Dems a Public Option was out of the question and to the Progressives any Bill without a Public Option was unacceptable. Something had to give. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decides to get both sides to the table. 5 Conserva Dems and 5 Progressives were sat down and basically told work something out. They did. They came up with a plan to allow people 55 to 64 to buy into Medicare! That couple with some serious Health Insurance reform and a expansion of Medicaid would make up a Pretty Good Bill. It wouldn't be a new Program and it wouldn't be a Public Option.

This is something that both sides could consider a Victory! But Good Ol Joe, still VERY upset with Liberals/Progressives over his failed Democratic Primary decided that if the Liberals/Progressives were happy about this that he wasn't going to support it for that Reason alone. Does that make any sense? That sounds pettie and childish. But that is Joe now. That os what he has become. And of course our President at this point just wants a Bill to sign no matter if it is a Watered Down piece ofLiquid Crap!

I am losing Hope!