Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Jobs are #1, then Trade should be #2

The President made it crystal clear in his State of the Union speech that creating Jobs would be the #1 focus of his administration. Well, I say you cannot create jobs unless you stop jobs from going overseas! That means we need to seriously address our Trade Policy. We have a huge Trade imbalance with the rest of the world and for those who aren't familiar with Trade and economics that means we Import more than we Export.

The President spoke yesterday about increasing our Exports but failed to mention decreasing Imports. It is the Imports that is the Major Problem. Cheap goods from overseas only serves to undercut American manufacturers. Since Nixon decided to open up China to the West we have been going down this road and every President since has only made the problem worse.

So how do we fix the problem. First and the easiest thing to do it to punish China for Violating Trade Agreements by placing Tariffs on many of their imports. Our Economy will never fully recover unless we address this issue. But China isn't alone,we have a Trade imbalance with most of South East Asia.

We need to place Tariffs on anything we import that we have the resources to manufacture here in the United States. We are destroying our infrastructure by sending jobs overseas and if we continue this we want have a Middle Class. I heard Chris Matthews say something that really pissed me off. He said that the Reason Barack Obama can't talk like FDR because at that time we didn't have a Strong Middle Class and if Barack Obama talks like that then he will get some backlash from the middle Class. Wrong. We don't have a Strong Middle Class anymore. 30 years of Reaganomics and a War on Workers has made sure of that. We need to get back to the Work of Building a Middle Class again. And we need to start with ending NAFTA and various Free Trade agreements TODAY!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Left, Right and The Middle? Does The "Middle" really Exist?

I am Really Pissed Off Right Now! I mean can the President Piss Off Progressives anymore than he already has? Does he Listen to Anyone on the Left? Is he so Cocky to the Point that he feels that he doesn't have to? WTF MAN!

From Day One of his Presidency he has been on this never ending Search for the Middle Ground! Why? By in large the Middle Didn't Elect Him. A Very Energized and Active Base Elected Him. His Base by the Way is on the Left. I seriously even Question that the "Middle" even exist! People that vote tend to be motivated by certain Issues that they feel Strongly about, such as:

Ending The War!

Gay Rights!

Fighting for Civil Rights!

Increasing Education Spending!

Ending Poverty!

Tougher Gun Control!

Crime Prevention Reform!

Drug Enforcement Reform!

Separation of Church & State!

Ending Bush/Reagan Tax Cuts!

Fighting Big Corporations!

Fighting For Workers Rights!

Promoting Small Business!

The Economy!

Ending NAFTA and Free Trade!

These are the Issues I care about. And I suspect most people that vote have a Strong opinion on each of these Issues. Whether it be Left or Right! But Where is the Middle on these issues! I really don't think the middle if it does exist is all that important when you really think about it. Some of us might average out a Moderate but on the Issues. I think we are on one side or the Other!

The Problem the President Faces is that by Trying to appease this Fictional Middle you Piss Off Everyone. Liberals Don't Like this Spending Freeze and CONs are going to call it Pandering and Political Posturing. You end up pissing off the Majority of People to appease a Handful.

The President needs to Dance with the ones that Brought him! That is the Progressive Base. Throw us a Bone for Christ Sake! Stop Pandering and Posturing towards the Right in hopes of winning the Middle that doesn't Really Exist.

For example the Spending Freeze, you are either For it or against it! Where is the Middle?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The President needs to give Progressives something to Talk About!

Barack Obama

The President for the Good Part of 2009 totally ignored Progressives, opting for this Fairly Tale Called a Bi Partisan Approach. The Republicans Laughed in his Face and said, Nah we have our own approach the I Want The President and His Administration To FAIL Approach.

All the while Progressives where Hope that he would Fight For Progressive Policies. On Every Major Issue the President either tried to Play it Down the Middle or Leaned to the Right. At the very same time this is going on the Right Wingers were saying we need to Stop this Socialist Take Over. Many People who really wouldn't shy away from that Label that much like myself were like that is no where close to the Truth.

While the President trys to be Bi Partisan his Numbers start to Nose Dive! People all over would say it is an rejection of Socialism! Oh my God. Some how or another this characterization stuck. Mainly Because the Administration Push Back Hard Enough and abandoned Progressives to a Large Degree. Now the President is Trying to switch gears and be more Populist!
His Proposal.

* Require companies that do not offer retirement plans to enroll their employees in direct-deposit retirement accounts unless the workers opt out.

* Increase the "Savers Credit," a tax credit for retirement savings, for families making up to $85,000.

* Change some of the rules for 401K employer-sponsored savings accounts to make them more transparent.

* Increase the child tax credit rate to 35 percent of qualifying expenses from the current 20 percent for families making under $85,000 a year. Families making up to $115,000 would be eligible for some increase in the tax credit.

* Increase child care funding by $1.6 billion in 2011 to serve an additional 235,000 children

* Boost government spending by $102.5 million for programs aimed at helping families who provide home care for an aging relative

* Ease the burden for student loans by limiting a borrower's payments to 10 percent of his or her income above a basic living allowance

Will it Work?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The CONservative Media and its Continuous Lie!!!

The Media and Neo CONs that run it have been saying that everything the President and his administration have done is Liberal. Well I'm a Liberal and he hasn't done anything that Liberals would consider Liberal.

CONs have done a Great Job of controlling the Message. Thats it. If you look at the Two Big programs the President tried to pass they were no where close to Liberal.

The Stimulus had Huge Amounts of Tax Cuts in it that Liberals didn't like or want in the Bill, the "Buy American" Provision that Liberals wanted was Taken out of the Bill and the overall Bill was not Big Enough and Liberals were upset about that. We warned the Administration that to many provisions in the Stimulus didn't go into affect soon enough and that there wasn't enough actual Job Creation in it. These were Things that Liberals were saying about the Stimulus Bill

As for Health Care. Liberals have Never been happy with this plan because Single Payer Advocates weren't even given a seat at the Table from the Beginning. We want Universal Medicare For ALL! That was never up for Debate.

Liberals wanted the President to push through and End to Don't Ask Don't Tell. He did nothing.

Liberals wanted and end to NAFTA, Bring Back Glass Stegal,and a Return to some of the New Deal Type Reforms. The Administration Did Nothing.

Liberals wanted a Quicker End to the War in Iraq. He gave a Deadline that really is flexible and not edged in stone. Liberals didn't like that.

There isn't many things I as a Liberal can Look at during the Presidents First Year in office That I can say was a Liberal Issue that he got Done other than the Lilly Ledbetter Act and if there is than they have done a Piss Poor Job of communicating it!

Echo Chamber

The Media has its own agenda they are trying to push in trying to characterize this President as Liberal. If only he were pushing through Liberal Reforms. He has done nothing in regard to the Banking Industry that would be considered Liberal. Heck by carrying out President Bushes TARP program he infuriated Liberals. No Liberal Was for TARP! Bottom Line. But Congress and the White House pushed that through anyway.

I understand that CONs love calling themselves CONs and think that Liberals should be ashamed to call themselves Liberals. And that is exactly what is happening. The President Ran on a Liberal Agenda and has done nothing but PISS OFF THE LIBERAL BASE FROM DAY ONE! I am surprised his approval ratings are as high as they are.

You can't win anything if the Base isn't energized. The GOP Base is energize. The Democratic Party Base is Pissed OFF! That is the Truth. That is the Reality. Unless the President and the Administration can do something to Re Energize the Democratic Party Base they will get Killed in the 2010 elections. Running to the Middle or Pretending to be Moderates isn't going to Energized the Democratic Party Base. (Which by the way FAR EXCEEDS THE GOP BASE)

The CONservative Media Needs to CUT THE CRAP and tell the Truth. And We Need To be Much More Vocal about Calling them out on their Lies!

President Blasts Supreme Court Over Citizens United Decision

I called for the President to come out against the Supreme Court and he has. Now he needs to Be that Bold Progressive we all thought he would be when we elected him by continuing this tone by really Focusing in on this issue like a Laser Beam.

This is his Moment to show he is a Populist Progressive. And he needs to have this approach with every significant issue on his agenda. No more allowing Congress to shape the Agenda. The House is to Fractured and the Senate Too Weak. Only the Executive Branch can Set the Agenda.

We can't wait for Harry Reid to set the Agenda and the Time Table and The Strategy for the Rest of the Presidents Agenda. The President has to Call The Shots. He has to Lead. This is a Good Start. But whats next?

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's the end of Democracy as we Know It!

And the Beginning of Corporate Fascism! Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided rollback campaign finance laws. Their 5-4 vote gives corporations free rein to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. From Now on the Voice of the People Will be Silenced or better yet Drowned out by Big Corporations and their Big Wallets.

There is no way we can stand up the Amount of Money That Big Corporations can spend. This is where our Focus needs should be. The Supreme Court is the Most Powerful of the Three Headed Wolf that is Our Government. And they have decided to show their teeth. What can we do?

This is What Happens when you elect CONservatives for the White House. They appoint Fascist and Corporatist to the Supreme Court.

They have decided that now is the perfect time to do this. under a Democratic President too shield themselves from Backlash. But this cannot Stand. We Can't sit down and Take this. And The President NEEDS TO COME OUT HARD AND SLAM THE SUPREME COURT FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

If He doesn't not respond it will be a huge indicator that he agrees with their policy and he will lose even more support. Mr. President this the Fight you Want. This is the Fight that could Make or Break your Presidency. You can't leave office with this being left behind the way it is and under YOUR ADMINISTRATION.

I know that the Supreme Court is Majority Republican but History will remember that it happened under your watch and you didn't respond. Mr. President we are waiting for you to lead on this issue and many other issues. The Time is now. It is up to you to Save our Democracy for Corporate Fascist!

This is What Happens when you elect CONservatives for the White House. They appoint Fascist and Corporatist to the Supreme Court.

They have decided that now is the perfect time to do this. under a Democratic President too shield themselves from Backlash. But this cannot Stand. We Can't sit down and Take this. And The President NEEDS TO COME OUT HARD AND SLAM THE SUPREME COURT FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

If He doesn't not respond it will be a huge indicator that he agrees with their policy and he will lose even more support. Mr. President this the Fight you Want. This is the Fight that could Make or Break your Presidency. You can't leave office with this being left behind the way it is and under YOUR ADMINISTRATION.

I know that the Supreme Court is Majority Republican but History will remember that it happened under your watch and you didn't respond. Mr. President we are waiting for you to lead on this issue and many other issues. The Time is now. It is up to you to Save our Democracy for Corporate Fascist!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cal Cunningham Needs Our Support Now More Than Ever!

Cal Cunningham
We need to make sure now more than ever that we are Active and Campaigning HARD EVERY DAY. I can assure you that Cal Cunningham is fighting like Crazy to Represent North Carolina in the US Senate and he needs your support to do so. Please Donate to his campaign. He can't do it Alone. Click the Link to Donate:

He has the Passion, the Energy, the Desire, and The Will Power and Determination to Fight for what is right in the US Senate. Burr has had his little run in Congress and we have nothing to show for it. It is time to sweep him out and get Cal Cunningham in there.

He's Young, Fresh, Bright, Intelligent, Passionate and Enthusiastic a Former State Senator and he is ready to take on Washington and fight for Progressive Values

Political Tug Of War!!!

Have you guys ever played a game of Tug of War? I'm sure you have. Most of the time it is a Team sport. You don't want to go up against a group by yourself. But the object of the Game is to pull your opposing team across the Line in the Sand. The Same can be said about politics. It is a Team Sport and the Object is to pull your opponents to one way or the other whether it is left or right.

You have to be well organized and have great strategy. And you can't go Near the Middle. The closer you go to the middle in Tug of War the more likely you are of losing. They will pull you across that line. You have stand Firm and pull hard not or you will lose.

Martha Coakley was no Moderate but she didn't Run as a Progressive and when she tried to it was too late. She ran the kind of campaign that you would expect to lose. She was weak. She lacked Charisma, Charm and the ability to Relate to everyday Working People. She seemed cold and distant. She took a vacation for God Sake during a campaign!

All the will Scott Brown kept pulling that Rope. Working the Entire State. He didn't leave anything to chance. He fought for it and he won. But he didn't do it by compromising on his beliefs he did it because he was able to speak to the voters in a way Martha Coakley couldn't. It never so much about Policy and Politics with everyday Working Class voters as it is about Communication. Being able to really explain why you are for what you are for instead of bending to gain some kind of consensus.

You have to Mold Consensus. You have to be able to Pull people to your point of view and to see where you are coming from and how Your Policies are better than the next guy. I don't think she understood that. People are hungry and starving for Strong Energetic Passionate Leaders. I didn't see any of that in Martha Coakley! She wasn't the Right Candidate. Not for that seat. Teddy Kennedy was a Liberal Lion. She was a pussy cat. Where was the Fire, Energy and Passion?

My Take on the Massachusetts Senate Race

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maybe We Don't Need 60 votes!

I probably am one of the few people who could careless if we retain Sen. Kennedy's seat or not. Martha Coakley has ran a terrible campaign and I don't think she was the best choice any way. Its another classic case of The Democratic Party shooting itself in the foot. They nominated a weak candidate who thought they could just coast into Washington. She is in the fight of her Life right now from some Magazine Centerfold for God sake.

But to my point that I don't think we really need 60. I think it will force the Administration to take the Kid Gloves Off and Play Hard Ball Politics. Use the tools you have in place to get things done instead of trying to Herd Cats and get All 60 Democratic Party Caucus members to vote the way you like. Look Mr. President, it looks worse when it appears that you had to "Purchase Votes" than it does when they say you were "Cramming Through Legislation". People don't really care about Politicians Cramming through Legislation as long as it is "Good Legislation". What we got going on in the Senate Makes Nobody Happy except The Big Insurance Company Cartels. Their Stocks go Up every time Bad News comes out about the Health Care Plan. They are going to be the ones who benefit the most.

Had the Administration just PUSHED through an Medicare Expansion (that would have only required 50 votes) through Budget Reconciliation Early Last Year we wouldn't even be having this debate still. The People would have moved on to other issues because we have a short attention span.

Instead, we went down the hardest possible road and have lost a lot of Political Capital in the process and might not even get a bill passed because of this silly 60 vote Filibuster Crap!

It is time we either do away with the Filibuster all together or we lower the Vote Requirement. But something needs to be done, because one thing is clear even if we have 60 votes that doesn't guarantee that they are going to vote with the party on every issue. Democracy is about Majority Rule, Not Super Majority.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Senator Richard Burr has Failed us!

Senator Burr has Failed us
How in the World can anyone defend Richard Burr's Terrible Record? I can't think of ONE VOTE where Richard Burr has told the Senate Minority Party Leadership lead by Mitch McConnell who most people probably have never even heard of that he wasn't going to vote with them.

He is the Definition of Bobble Head. He doesn't have the ability to vote on his own. He has to ask His Puppet Masters how they are going to vote before he votes. Please. He is the Classic Crony!

I challenge anyone to give me one VOTE where he has BUCKED his Party!

He has been in Congress all these years and has never fought for Eastern NC! He hasn't even acknowledged that this part of the state even exist until recently. Walter Jones is even worst. He is actually from Eastern NC and he has done nothing for this State.

The GOP the Party of NO IDEAS! Has fooled good well intentioned Eastern North Carolinian s for years using hot button social issues to garner their support so they continue their Big Corporatist agenda.

They aren't going to fight for you. Just like during the Economic Crisis. Instead of trying to come up with solutions he told his wife to get all their money out of the Bank as fast as she could (True Story)

That isn't leadership. Thats being a Coward. But that is what he is! Should we expect anything less?

The Real Richard Burr:

Voted NO on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009)
Voted NO on additional $825 billion for economic recovery package. (Feb 2009)
Voted NO on $60B stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure, & energy. (Sep 2008)

Rated 13% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)
Rated 0% by the HRC, indicating an anti-gay-rights stance. (Dec 2006)
Rated 7% by the NAACP, indicating an anti-affirmative-action stance. (Dec 2006)
Voted NO on repealing tax subsidy for companies which move US jobs offshore. (Mar 2005)
Voted YES on more prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crime. (Jun 1999)
Voted NO on maintaining right of habeas corpus in Death Penalty Appeals. (Mar 1996)
Voted YES on making federal death penalty appeals harder. (Feb 1995)
Rated 30% by CURE, indicating anti-rehabilitation crime votes. (Dec 2000)

Voted NO on shifting $11B from corporate tax loopholes to education. (Mar 2005)
Voted NO on additional $10.2B for federal education & HHS projects. (Oct 2007)
Voted NO on $52M for "21st century community learning centers". (Oct 2005)
Voted NO on $5B for grants to local educational agencies. (Oct 2005)

Rated 17% by the CAF, indicating opposition to energy independence. (Dec 2006)
Voted NO on raising CAFE standards; incentives for alternative fuels. (Aug 2001)
Voted NO on $3.1B for emergency oil assistance for hurricane-hit areas. (Oct 2005)
Voted NO on including oil & gas smokestacks in mercury regulations. (Sep 2005)
Voted YES on speeding up approval of forest thinning projects. (Nov 2003)
Rated 10% by the LCV, indicating anti-environment votes. (Dec 2003)

Rated 0% by APHA, indicating a anti-health voting record. (Dec 2003)
Voted NO on campaign finance reform. (Feb 2002)
Voted NO on expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program. (Jan 2009)
Voted NO on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility. (Nov 2007)
Voted NO on requiring negotiated Rx prices for Medicare part D. (Apr 2007)
Voted NO on expanding enrollment period for Medicare Part D. (Feb 2006)
Voted NO on increasing Medicaid rebate for producing generics. (Nov 2005)
Voted NO on negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drug. (Mar 2005)
Voted NO on allowing reimportation of prescription drugs. (Jul 2003)

Voted YES on cutting $221M in benefits to Filipinos who served in WWII US Army. (Apr 2008)
Voted NO on limiting soldiers' deployment to 12 months. (Jul 2007)
Voted NO on implementing the 9/11 Commission report. (Mar 2007)
Voted NO on requiring CIA reports on detainees & interrogation methods. (Sep 2006)
Voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act. (Mar 2006)
Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's wiretap provision. (Dec 2005)
Voted NO on restricting business with entities linked to terrorism. (Jul 2005)
Voted NO on restoring $565M for states' and ports' first responders. (Mar 2005)

Rated 10% by the ARA, indicating an anti-senior voting record. (Dec 2003)
Voted NO on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)

Richard Burr's Voting Record indicates that he is a Far Far out of the Mainstream Hard Core Neo-CONservative! The Worst possible thing for Our Country. Our country has experimented with Neo-CONservatism over the Last 30 years. It has Failed. Richard Burr has Failed us!

Eastern North Carolina Desperately needs New Leadership... Johnny Rouse is that Guy!

If anyone seriously takes time to Look at Congressman Walter Jones Voting Record it will quickly become clear to them that it is time to say Good Bye to Walter Jones. He is an embarrassment to Eastern North Carolina and we need to elect someone that Truly Cares about the people of NC 3rd Congressional District. That person is Johnny Rouse. He will fight for Every Citizen of Eastern North Carolina. Not just the Rich Elites like Walter Jones. He will Fight to Bring Back Jobs to Eastern North Carolina and work with the President unlike the Republicans who are trying to make sure that the President and the His administration Fail, Johnny Rouse will work to make sure that the President and the entire Country Succeeds.

Just take a look at some of Congressman Walter Jones votes and ask yourself is this Strong Leadership or is Walter Jones merely a Puppet of The Republican Leadership in Congress and is he just a Follower of Rep. John Boehner and Rep. Eric Cantor? We don't need more Followers in Congress that are just their for the Lobbyist job once their days in congress are over. We need men and women in Congress that are in touch with what the people of Eastern North Carolina want. I believe that Johnny Rouse represents everything that is Good about Eastern North Carolina and if he is elected he will bring that to Washington and he want forget where he came from like Walter Jones has.

Friday, January 15, 2010

State Senator Charlie Albertson calls it Quits!

Charlie Albertson, Veteran State Senator Won't Seek 10th Term. Now more than ever we Need Strong Progressive Candidates to Step up and fill these Shoes!

In this area of the State it is so important that incumbents hold on to their seats. With Charlie Albertson stepping down I'm sure the GOP will think that this seat is in play. Possibly if there is low voter turn out a Republican could win this seat. I hope someone strong steps up soon to lay claim to this seat.

Republican County Commissioner Chris Humphrey has thrown his name into the bidding for this seat. Chris will be a tough opponent. Eastern North Carolina is definitely a CONservative hot bed right now but we can't afford to lose this or any seat in the General Assembly. The Time for Party unity is need more than ever. Senate District 10 needs to Strong Democratic Representation.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Burr Show's True Colors


I was just forwarded a fundraising letter Richard Burr sent to his supporters. It is basically a slap in the Face of North Carolina's Veterans, Military Families and the entire armed Forces Community.

In it he dishonors the men and women who wear our country's uniform by offering anyone the military ranks of "Private", "Sergeant," or even "Colonel" in the Burr Brigade" in exchange for a campaign contribution. He also takes Shots at the Commander and Chief President Barack Obama suggesting that the President is quote "Decimating our Military Forces". Not acknowledging that it is Richard Burr who has a Long Record of Voting AGAINST funding for service members, veterans and their families.

Ah, The Audacity of Hypocrisy! When is Burr going to learn that the people of North Carolina have had it with this kind of Crazy Talk from him?

We need True Leadership in the US Senate, Leadership that only Cal Cunningham can provide. Unlike Burr, Cal Cunningham has actually served in the military and is an Iraq War Vet. Cal Cunningham has seen the ugly Horrors of War and understands that you can't just pay for a Military Rank, you have to Earn It!

The Only thing Burr has earned is the criticism he is receiving for his Terrible Voting Record and for the Insane comments he makes that gives people all over the country a Bad impression of our fine state. People like Virginia Foxx, Walter Jones and Richard Burr have done a Piss Poor Job of representing us in Congress.

It is time to elect candidates that truly represent what North Carolina is Today, not what it was during the Era of Jesse Helms.

New Leaders are Ready to step up and push this State Forward. Leaders like Johnny Rouse who is running for NC Congressional District 3 and Cal Cunningham who is running for US Senate. These men need your support. and

Anthony D. Hall
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health
Lenoir County Democrat

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Johnny Rouse for NC 3rd Congressional District

Check out the website at It is time that we finally put an end to Walter Jone's reign in North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. Since 1994 he has sat in congress and done absolutely nothing for Eastern North Carolina.

Johnny Rouse will work hard for the citizens of District 3 and all of North Carolina. Johnny Rouse will work with the President and the House Leadership to create Jobs and Rebuild our economy. Johnny is a working class guy and will do his best to fight for the working class and the poor.

Walter Jones is a Big Business, Anti Women's Rights, Anti Education, Anti Health Care Reform, Corporate CONservative. He has been the "Do Boy" of the Extreme Right Wing every since he has been in Congress and what makes anyone think that it will change if he is given another term? We need to allow Jones to feel what the thousands of North Carolinian's felt when they where put out of work.

It was CONservative Principles and Policies that caused this economic crisis and they need to know that American Citizens have had it with the Do Nothing, Sit on their Hands, Get In the Way Obstructionist.

In 2010 the slogan should be the Party of NO MUST GO! In order for the President to complete the remainder of his agenda in his First Term we must elect More Democrats in the Congress and the Senate. The Majorities we hold right now aren't enough. We need to elect good strong Progressive Candidates. I believe Johnny Rouse is the perfect candidate to defeat Walter Jones, but he will need the help of the Entire North Carolina Democratic Party.

We no longer have the luxury of righting off NC-03 as a lost we must really fight for this seat. Walter Jones is the only Republican to hold NC-03 since Oliver H. Dockery July 13, 1868 – March 3, 1871. Lets allow him to join Oliver H. Dockery in the History books and kick him out of office and Elect Johnny Rouse for US House!

Here is a link to the some of the terrible votes of Congressman Walter Jones through out his career.

Anthony D. Hall
Lenoir County Democrat