Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Burr Show's True Colors


I was just forwarded a fundraising letter Richard Burr sent to his supporters. It is basically a slap in the Face of North Carolina's Veterans, Military Families and the entire armed Forces Community.

In it he dishonors the men and women who wear our country's uniform by offering anyone the military ranks of "Private", "Sergeant," or even "Colonel" in the Burr Brigade" in exchange for a campaign contribution. He also takes Shots at the Commander and Chief President Barack Obama suggesting that the President is quote "Decimating our Military Forces". Not acknowledging that it is Richard Burr who has a Long Record of Voting AGAINST funding for service members, veterans and their families.

Ah, The Audacity of Hypocrisy! When is Burr going to learn that the people of North Carolina have had it with this kind of Crazy Talk from him?

We need True Leadership in the US Senate, Leadership that only Cal Cunningham can provide. Unlike Burr, Cal Cunningham has actually served in the military and is an Iraq War Vet. Cal Cunningham has seen the ugly Horrors of War and understands that you can't just pay for a Military Rank, you have to Earn It!

The Only thing Burr has earned is the criticism he is receiving for his Terrible Voting Record and for the Insane comments he makes that gives people all over the country a Bad impression of our fine state. People like Virginia Foxx, Walter Jones and Richard Burr have done a Piss Poor Job of representing us in Congress.

It is time to elect candidates that truly represent what North Carolina is Today, not what it was during the Era of Jesse Helms.

New Leaders are Ready to step up and push this State Forward. Leaders like Johnny Rouse who is running for NC Congressional District 3 and Cal Cunningham who is running for US Senate. These men need your support. and

Anthony D. Hall
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health
Lenoir County Democrat