Saturday, January 23, 2010

The CONservative Media and its Continuous Lie!!!

The Media and Neo CONs that run it have been saying that everything the President and his administration have done is Liberal. Well I'm a Liberal and he hasn't done anything that Liberals would consider Liberal.

CONs have done a Great Job of controlling the Message. Thats it. If you look at the Two Big programs the President tried to pass they were no where close to Liberal.

The Stimulus had Huge Amounts of Tax Cuts in it that Liberals didn't like or want in the Bill, the "Buy American" Provision that Liberals wanted was Taken out of the Bill and the overall Bill was not Big Enough and Liberals were upset about that. We warned the Administration that to many provisions in the Stimulus didn't go into affect soon enough and that there wasn't enough actual Job Creation in it. These were Things that Liberals were saying about the Stimulus Bill

As for Health Care. Liberals have Never been happy with this plan because Single Payer Advocates weren't even given a seat at the Table from the Beginning. We want Universal Medicare For ALL! That was never up for Debate.

Liberals wanted the President to push through and End to Don't Ask Don't Tell. He did nothing.

Liberals wanted and end to NAFTA, Bring Back Glass Stegal,and a Return to some of the New Deal Type Reforms. The Administration Did Nothing.

Liberals wanted a Quicker End to the War in Iraq. He gave a Deadline that really is flexible and not edged in stone. Liberals didn't like that.

There isn't many things I as a Liberal can Look at during the Presidents First Year in office That I can say was a Liberal Issue that he got Done other than the Lilly Ledbetter Act and if there is than they have done a Piss Poor Job of communicating it!

Echo Chamber

The Media has its own agenda they are trying to push in trying to characterize this President as Liberal. If only he were pushing through Liberal Reforms. He has done nothing in regard to the Banking Industry that would be considered Liberal. Heck by carrying out President Bushes TARP program he infuriated Liberals. No Liberal Was for TARP! Bottom Line. But Congress and the White House pushed that through anyway.

I understand that CONs love calling themselves CONs and think that Liberals should be ashamed to call themselves Liberals. And that is exactly what is happening. The President Ran on a Liberal Agenda and has done nothing but PISS OFF THE LIBERAL BASE FROM DAY ONE! I am surprised his approval ratings are as high as they are.

You can't win anything if the Base isn't energized. The GOP Base is energize. The Democratic Party Base is Pissed OFF! That is the Truth. That is the Reality. Unless the President and the Administration can do something to Re Energize the Democratic Party Base they will get Killed in the 2010 elections. Running to the Middle or Pretending to be Moderates isn't going to Energized the Democratic Party Base. (Which by the way FAR EXCEEDS THE GOP BASE)

The CONservative Media Needs to CUT THE CRAP and tell the Truth. And We Need To be Much More Vocal about Calling them out on their Lies!