Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Jobs are #1, then Trade should be #2

The President made it crystal clear in his State of the Union speech that creating Jobs would be the #1 focus of his administration. Well, I say you cannot create jobs unless you stop jobs from going overseas! That means we need to seriously address our Trade Policy. We have a huge Trade imbalance with the rest of the world and for those who aren't familiar with Trade and economics that means we Import more than we Export.

The President spoke yesterday about increasing our Exports but failed to mention decreasing Imports. It is the Imports that is the Major Problem. Cheap goods from overseas only serves to undercut American manufacturers. Since Nixon decided to open up China to the West we have been going down this road and every President since has only made the problem worse.

So how do we fix the problem. First and the easiest thing to do it to punish China for Violating Trade Agreements by placing Tariffs on many of their imports. Our Economy will never fully recover unless we address this issue. But China isn't alone,we have a Trade imbalance with most of South East Asia.

We need to place Tariffs on anything we import that we have the resources to manufacture here in the United States. We are destroying our infrastructure by sending jobs overseas and if we continue this we want have a Middle Class. I heard Chris Matthews say something that really pissed me off. He said that the Reason Barack Obama can't talk like FDR because at that time we didn't have a Strong Middle Class and if Barack Obama talks like that then he will get some backlash from the middle Class. Wrong. We don't have a Strong Middle Class anymore. 30 years of Reaganomics and a War on Workers has made sure of that. We need to get back to the Work of Building a Middle Class again. And we need to start with ending NAFTA and various Free Trade agreements TODAY!