Sunday, January 10, 2010

Johnny Rouse for NC 3rd Congressional District

Check out the website at It is time that we finally put an end to Walter Jone's reign in North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. Since 1994 he has sat in congress and done absolutely nothing for Eastern North Carolina.

Johnny Rouse will work hard for the citizens of District 3 and all of North Carolina. Johnny Rouse will work with the President and the House Leadership to create Jobs and Rebuild our economy. Johnny is a working class guy and will do his best to fight for the working class and the poor.

Walter Jones is a Big Business, Anti Women's Rights, Anti Education, Anti Health Care Reform, Corporate CONservative. He has been the "Do Boy" of the Extreme Right Wing every since he has been in Congress and what makes anyone think that it will change if he is given another term? We need to allow Jones to feel what the thousands of North Carolinian's felt when they where put out of work.

It was CONservative Principles and Policies that caused this economic crisis and they need to know that American Citizens have had it with the Do Nothing, Sit on their Hands, Get In the Way Obstructionist.

In 2010 the slogan should be the Party of NO MUST GO! In order for the President to complete the remainder of his agenda in his First Term we must elect More Democrats in the Congress and the Senate. The Majorities we hold right now aren't enough. We need to elect good strong Progressive Candidates. I believe Johnny Rouse is the perfect candidate to defeat Walter Jones, but he will need the help of the Entire North Carolina Democratic Party.

We no longer have the luxury of righting off NC-03 as a lost we must really fight for this seat. Walter Jones is the only Republican to hold NC-03 since Oliver H. Dockery July 13, 1868 – March 3, 1871. Lets allow him to join Oliver H. Dockery in the History books and kick him out of office and Elect Johnny Rouse for US House!

Here is a link to the some of the terrible votes of Congressman Walter Jones through out his career.

Anthony D. Hall
Lenoir County Democrat