Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Left, Right and The Middle? Does The "Middle" really Exist?

I am Really Pissed Off Right Now! I mean can the President Piss Off Progressives anymore than he already has? Does he Listen to Anyone on the Left? Is he so Cocky to the Point that he feels that he doesn't have to? WTF MAN!

From Day One of his Presidency he has been on this never ending Search for the Middle Ground! Why? By in large the Middle Didn't Elect Him. A Very Energized and Active Base Elected Him. His Base by the Way is on the Left. I seriously even Question that the "Middle" even exist! People that vote tend to be motivated by certain Issues that they feel Strongly about, such as:

Ending The War!

Gay Rights!

Fighting for Civil Rights!

Increasing Education Spending!

Ending Poverty!

Tougher Gun Control!

Crime Prevention Reform!

Drug Enforcement Reform!

Separation of Church & State!

Ending Bush/Reagan Tax Cuts!

Fighting Big Corporations!

Fighting For Workers Rights!

Promoting Small Business!

The Economy!

Ending NAFTA and Free Trade!

These are the Issues I care about. And I suspect most people that vote have a Strong opinion on each of these Issues. Whether it be Left or Right! But Where is the Middle on these issues! I really don't think the middle if it does exist is all that important when you really think about it. Some of us might average out a Moderate but on the Issues. I think we are on one side or the Other!

The Problem the President Faces is that by Trying to appease this Fictional Middle you Piss Off Everyone. Liberals Don't Like this Spending Freeze and CONs are going to call it Pandering and Political Posturing. You end up pissing off the Majority of People to appease a Handful.

The President needs to Dance with the ones that Brought him! That is the Progressive Base. Throw us a Bone for Christ Sake! Stop Pandering and Posturing towards the Right in hopes of winning the Middle that doesn't Really Exist.

For example the Spending Freeze, you are either For it or against it! Where is the Middle?