Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maybe We Don't Need 60 votes!

I probably am one of the few people who could careless if we retain Sen. Kennedy's seat or not. Martha Coakley has ran a terrible campaign and I don't think she was the best choice any way. Its another classic case of The Democratic Party shooting itself in the foot. They nominated a weak candidate who thought they could just coast into Washington. She is in the fight of her Life right now from some Magazine Centerfold for God sake.

But to my point that I don't think we really need 60. I think it will force the Administration to take the Kid Gloves Off and Play Hard Ball Politics. Use the tools you have in place to get things done instead of trying to Herd Cats and get All 60 Democratic Party Caucus members to vote the way you like. Look Mr. President, it looks worse when it appears that you had to "Purchase Votes" than it does when they say you were "Cramming Through Legislation". People don't really care about Politicians Cramming through Legislation as long as it is "Good Legislation". What we got going on in the Senate Makes Nobody Happy except The Big Insurance Company Cartels. Their Stocks go Up every time Bad News comes out about the Health Care Plan. They are going to be the ones who benefit the most.

Had the Administration just PUSHED through an Medicare Expansion (that would have only required 50 votes) through Budget Reconciliation Early Last Year we wouldn't even be having this debate still. The People would have moved on to other issues because we have a short attention span.

Instead, we went down the hardest possible road and have lost a lot of Political Capital in the process and might not even get a bill passed because of this silly 60 vote Filibuster Crap!

It is time we either do away with the Filibuster all together or we lower the Vote Requirement. But something needs to be done, because one thing is clear even if we have 60 votes that doesn't guarantee that they are going to vote with the party on every issue. Democracy is about Majority Rule, Not Super Majority.