Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Political Tug Of War!!!

Have you guys ever played a game of Tug of War? I'm sure you have. Most of the time it is a Team sport. You don't want to go up against a group by yourself. But the object of the Game is to pull your opposing team across the Line in the Sand. The Same can be said about politics. It is a Team Sport and the Object is to pull your opponents to one way or the other whether it is left or right.

You have to be well organized and have great strategy. And you can't go Near the Middle. The closer you go to the middle in Tug of War the more likely you are of losing. They will pull you across that line. You have stand Firm and pull hard not or you will lose.

Martha Coakley was no Moderate but she didn't Run as a Progressive and when she tried to it was too late. She ran the kind of campaign that you would expect to lose. She was weak. She lacked Charisma, Charm and the ability to Relate to everyday Working People. She seemed cold and distant. She took a vacation for God Sake during a campaign!

All the will Scott Brown kept pulling that Rope. Working the Entire State. He didn't leave anything to chance. He fought for it and he won. But he didn't do it by compromising on his beliefs he did it because he was able to speak to the voters in a way Martha Coakley couldn't. It never so much about Policy and Politics with everyday Working Class voters as it is about Communication. Being able to really explain why you are for what you are for instead of bending to gain some kind of consensus.

You have to Mold Consensus. You have to be able to Pull people to your point of view and to see where you are coming from and how Your Policies are better than the next guy. I don't think she understood that. People are hungry and starving for Strong Energetic Passionate Leaders. I didn't see any of that in Martha Coakley! She wasn't the Right Candidate. Not for that seat. Teddy Kennedy was a Liberal Lion. She was a pussy cat. Where was the Fire, Energy and Passion?