Monday, March 22, 2010

Wrong Side of History!

Yesterday evening the US House of Representatives passed Historic Health Care Reform, taking the First Real Step towards Universal Health Care for all. While it is true that this Bill isn't perfect, it is something that we can and will build on. And it is something that those that voted for it should run on.

The Debate should be are you for The American People or the Health Insurance companies. For those that CLAIM to be Pro Life passing Health Care should have been at the Top of their list since it would save lives, in stead they chose to fight about things that weren't even in the bill instead of making sure that millions of Americans have a Health Care that they need to live.

The CONservaDEM and RepubliCON Hypocrisy has been well documented and now they stand firmly on the Wrong Side of History. Fighting against a bill that will Provide Health Care that Will SAVE LIVES because they are concerned with a Fetus that isn't even Born!

They care more about an Un-Born Fetus than they do people who are fighting for their lives because of lack of insurance. They have allowed the RepubliCON leadership to pull them into the very Ditch that the RepubliCONS are in. You know what they say "Misery Loves Company". I hope Kissell, McIntyre and Shuler like the company they are with as they stand beside Jones, McHenry, Foxx and the rest of the RepubliCONs that fought so hard to make sure so many don't get the care they need.

It is time to call these Jokers OUT and let them know that their Betrayal won't go un punished and they have sealed their Fate with the Voters of NC and the Democratic Party Base. No More supporting Candidates that don't share our Progressive Democratic Values.

It is time to end our Relationship with these CONservaDem DINOs and support Progressives that will work with the President not Work with and stand beside the RepubliCONS.