Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here's Why I am Supporting Cal Cunningham for US Senate

With the Early Voting beginning April 15th and with what is already a very
contested Senate Primary underway, let me put an end to the debate and
discussion over who is the Best Candidate and who I hope will win the North
Carolina Democratic Party Primary, Cal Cunningham!

Richard Burr has been a Huge disappointment to the citizens of North
Carolina and it is time we put someone in Washington that Truly Represents
us. Unlike Burr Cal isn't some Corporate Shill, Cal is a smart, energetic,
passionate Proven Leader!

Cal proved his Leadership Skills while Serving in Iraq, while Richard Burr
was trying to fly under the Radar and go unnoticed in Washington, Cal was
serving his Country with Honor and Distinction.

Now I know a lot of people are still saying who is Cal Cunningham well
Beside from being a hard working Family Man, he is a Former State Senator
from Lexington and a Lawyer. For more information on Cal's Positions on
the Issues I encourage you to check out the website
There you can read about Cal's plan to Bring Jobs Back to the United States
and what he will do for Working Class Families.

I like to consider myself a good judge of character. I have met Cal on
numerous occasions traveling throughout the state and Cal has only become
more Focused more Driven and More Determined.

While there are a lot of great Candidates in this Primary. Cal Cunningham
stands alone as the Candidate that Burr Fears. Burr knows that Cal is the
only Candidate that can truly threaten him in a General Election because of
Cal's unique story coupled with his Tremendous Leadership Skills,
overwhelming Charm, Charisma and Communication Skills. Cal Cunningham is the Total Package. Check him out at

Its time we Elect a someone that is actually going to put North Carolinian's
First instead of Greedy Bankers and Special Interest Groups like Burr does.
Join me in supporting and Voting for Cal Cunningham. Early Voting begins
April 15th. Let your Voice Be Heard.