Monday, October 11, 2010

Elaine Marshall Needs Our Support for US Senate

No other race matter to me as much as the race for US Senate Elaine Marshall running against incumbent Richard Burr!  Now most people that know me know that while I like Elaine I was a Huge Cal Cunningham supportor during the Primary and we worked hard on to get him elected.  The Truth is Elaine Marshall ran a much better Campaign and reached out to more Voters and had her finger on the pulse of North Carolina and what Voters want and need in this State.  She Fought Hard from Murphy to Manteo and everywhere we went she was there or someone from her campaign.  

Elaine Marshall left no stone unturned and turned down no opportunity to speak to the people.  I have always had a lot of respect for Elaine Marshall but the Primary proved to me that it doesn't matter who has the most Money or the biggest staff what matters is who can Connect, Really Connect with the People, who is the most down to Earth who can most affectively explain their vision to the People. Elaine Marshall won the Primary because she is that candidate.  She most accurately represents what North Carolinians are all about.  Elaine Marshall represents hard work, will power and determination.

You can't sit on the sidelines if you want to accomplish anything you have to be willing to get in the Game and Fight!  Elaine Marshall is a Fighter!  Elaine Marshall is a Winner!  And Come November 2nd With your support Elaine Marshall is going to send Richard Burr back home where he belongs!  He hasn't done anything for the People of North Carolina while he has been in Washington any way.  The Only thing Richard Burr has done is Say No to everything and when asked tough questions he doesn't give answers instead he throws stones.

We need Real Leaders not Followers like Richard Burr!  Elaine Marshall will Lead from the Front not hide behind Mitch McConnell, Michael Steele, John Boehner and Eric Cantor like Richard Burr does!

Elaine Marshall will Fight Lobbyist in Washington like she has in Raleigh.  Elaine Marshall will Work to rebuild our Middle Class and Bring Jobs back to the United States.  There are some that say the jobs that left will never come back, Elaine Marshall believes that we can bring those Jobs back and she believes we need to stop giving credits to companies that do send our jobs overseas!

Richard Burr Sides with Wall Street he is no longer reprsents North Carolina he Represents the Big Money, Big Power, Big Corporation.  As long as he has been in Washington he has become part of the furinture there all he does is sit!  Richard Burr wants to continue sending Jobs overseas.  Richard Burr is Lost and out of Touch with North Carolina! Lets Bring Him Back Home!  Lets Send Elaine Marshall to Washington to represent us in the US Senate!

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