Friday, October 22, 2010

Lenoir County Democratic Party Early Voting Rally

I had a Great time at the Lenoir County Democratic Party Early Voting Rally wednesday night at Kings Restaurant.  The House was Packed and we had Some Great Speakers.  I came way much more motivated and Much more Confident in our chances of Maintaining Control on the County Board of Commissioner, Maintaining Control in the NC General Assembly and Maintaining Control in the US Congress.  

All of our Candidates are Strong, Determined and Focused individuals who will Put their Communities Their People First and Not seek ways to enrich and further empower Big Multinational Corporations.  Our Democratic Candidates Work for the People.  I was excited listening to Walter Dalton, Dewey Hudson, Van Braxton, Johnny Rouse, G.K. Butterfield and William Wainwright speak and lay out their Vision for America and explain to us why this Election is so important.  The Time is now!  We Have the Strong Leaders, We have the Strong Message, We have the Truth what we need is a Strong Turn Out!  When Democrats Turn Out We Win!  So Lets Get Out The Vote!!!