Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fear & Hate Wins in 2010!

I can honestly say that WE worked hard this election and pulled out all the stops but in the end Fear & Hate Won!  Negative Campaigning and Misleading Ads Won!  There is No Way I could say that the Better Man/Woman Won or the Better Team Won!  But they Did get the Most Votes so there is no doubt about the outcome!  They Won We Lost!  The NC Democratic Party's control over the General Assembly is over the North Carolina Democratic Party has Fallen!

Although we are Down we are not Out!  Even though we Lost we Cannot Quit!  Yes we Tried Hard but we must not get Discouraged Bigger Battles are on the Horizon and now is not the time to Hang our Heads!  We must Re-Group and seriously analyze ever Race and find out where we went Wrong!  

Now is not the time for Finger pointing and blaming.  There is enough of that to go around for everyone!  What we need Now is for the Leadership to Straighten their Backs Dust themselves off pick up their Sword, Shield & Armor and Keep Fighting!  I firmly believe that History will be on the Side of Truth & Justice and as long as we Fight the Good Fight with Patiece and God's Will we Will Win 2012!

Yes!  Inspight of their Huge Victory the RepubliCON/Tea Party is already Planning and Strategizing about the 2012 elections.  Since their Strategy of Hate & Fear worked this year I have no doubt that they will try that in the 2012 elections!  The GOP relies on keeping their Voters Ignorant and Misinformed WE must focus on Keeping Voters Educated and Up to Date about what's going on in Washington, Raleigh and on the Local Level!

I am not going to lie to anyone it isn't going to get any easier for the DNC, NCDP or our Local Parties.  We Must Work Harder than ever before.  We Must as the Tea Party would say "Reload"!  We Can't afford to lose in 2012 the Work Begins Now!!! Get Up!