Thursday, December 16, 2010

HallStyle's Lament, (Random Tweets)

HallStyle  Are We so Blinded by the Shiny Objects that we Don't see What is Really Going on in Our Country? Are We aware of the effects of our actions?

HallStyle  Are We So Drunk With Greed that our Senses no longer function properly? Have we regressed so far backward that the we long for our past?

HallStyle  Do we have any Visions of the Future? Have we Lost all Curiousity? What does it mean to be Human in Present day America?

HallStyle  Corporations Are People they have More Rights than you and I. Their Votes Count more than Mine! If they are Human we are Sub-Human 3/5

HallStyle  We are Sub-Human Slaves to Multinational Corporations who Own Our Government Institutions and Our Politicians who are suppose to help us!

HallStyle  If the Corporations Are the Masters then the Government is just their Enforcer. The Role of Governments Is to protect Corporate interest

HallStyle  If We are to take back our Country we Must First understand who or what Really Controls our Country. These Corrupt Corporate Monsters

HallStyle  A Town, A State, A Nation without Values, Without Beliefs, Without Shared Identity has no Culture No Soul! Who Are We? Where Are We Going?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Broke Back Democrats

Well here we are again.  Faced with another tough decision: Do we Stand Up for Principles? Or Do We Lay Down, Bend Over, And Get These RepubliCON/Obama Tax Cuts Rammed Down Our Throats and be Told to Like & Love?  I think we ALL know what Will happen.  We As a Party are going to Cave!  We are going to concede defeat Fully!  We are going to Bend Over and Take It!  Our Will, Our Spirits, Our Backs have been Broken!

Isn't it ironic?  The RepubliCON/Tea Party said that their Goal was to "Break" President Obama but Obama has dragged the Rest of the Party Down with him!  They made it no secret what they planned to do.  They were Crystal Clear in the Strategy they were going to use.  Totally Opposition.  Total Obstruction But the True Irony is that the "One Thing" that the RepubliCONS & President Obama agree on could Very well be the thing that Ends up Breaking the Democratic Party and President Obama.  

To me this is Unforgiveable!  I watched Good Democrats lose All over the Country this year and here in North Carolina in the Legislature primarily because of the perceived Weakness and Lack of Leadership of the President.  They took the Fall for his Failures but when the going gets tough what do we see the President do?  He Takes up Policy Positions SOOO Far to the Right that one can only question what does this Guy trully believe?  Who is this Guy?

What can any of us do?  We are beaten, battered, brusied, and now we have been betrayed!  If we don't Stand for Anything then we Deserve to Fall! We aren't Fit to Lead!

Compromise comes from the Weak who are willing to make the Best out of a Bad situation!  Just as in War when you are Winning you Don't ask for a cease Fire, you don't look to negotiate.  You look for Total Unconditional Surrender. It is my Belief that the President has Weakened his Own position!  He has Weakened his Own Chances of Winning in 2012!  He has Weakened the Entire Party!  If the RepubliCONs had any respect for the President you can rest assurded that they have lost it.  His willingness to Bend over to them so quickly so easily how could they Respect him?  And with it he has lost the Respect of many Loyal Supporters that have been trying to Pull Up & Push the President Forward.  Instead he saves his Fight, His Venom for us!  His Loyal Left!  

The Senate will Cave, they will likely Bend over and take this proposal.  The House will Kick & Scream but they to will Bend Over and Take this proposal.   The RepubliCONS will start the New Year with the President in control.  Total control in the House and basical controlling the Senate (blue dogs + RepubliCONs).  And they will be able to do what ever they want because they know the President & Harry Reid aren't going to Fight them!  They have been Beaten & Broken!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Filibuster reform - It's time.

Common Cause - Holding Power Accountable


Unemployment insurance for laid-off workers... Medical compensation for 9/11 first responders... An arms control treaty with support from both sides of the political aisle... A path to citizenship for students brought to the United States at a young age... Disclosure of the sources of secret money in campaigns... Paycheck fairness...

All of these measures – and dozens of others – have been blocked from coming up for a vote in the Senate (and in some cases, from even coming up for debate) by the filibuster.

It's clear that the rules that govern the Senate no longer work, and it's time for change.

Sign the petition today calling on incoming Senators to reform the filibuster!

Sign the Petition Now!

The Senate has gone from being the world's greatest deliberative body to the world's most obstinate body.

But that can change.

The fact is that the modern filibuster has never been part of the Constitution or any law. It's not even in the original rules of the Senate. It's simply a parliamentary gimmick that's become popular as an easy way to stifle debate rather than extend it, and to block compromise rather than encourage it.

The Senate can and should change its rules at the start of the 112th Congress in January so that the minority's right to a full debate is protected, but the majority is allowed to work its will. The filibuster, at least as currently practiced, is unconstitutional and un-American. 

With so many serious issues facing our country, we can't afford two more years of blocks and obstructionism in the Senate.

Sign the petition today calling on incoming Senators to reform the filibuster!

Sign the Petition Now!

Thanks for all you do.


Bob Edgar
and the rest of the team at Common Cause

P.S. Did you know that in America's early days, a filibuster was a pirate – "filibustero" in the original Spanish – a soldier of fortune who plundered foreign lands without his government's consent. Read more about the history of the filibuster in my latest piece on Huffington Post, and leave a comment letting me know what you think. 

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NAACP-supported DREAM Act coming up for a vote TODAY

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From: Hilary O. Shelton, NAACP Washington Bureau <>
Date: Dec 8, 2010 11:07 AM
Subject: NAACP-supported DREAM Act coming up for a vote TODAY
To: Anthony Hall <>

NAACP: Washington Bureau


The Senate is expected to vote on "cloture", and whether to move forward with debate and ultimately passage of the DREAM Act later today.

For information on this bill, and to learn how to advocate, please download the following Urgent Action Alert and take action now!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.



Hilary O. Shelton
Director, NAACP Washington Bureau &
     Senior VP for Advocacy and Policy
(202) 463-2940