Thursday, December 16, 2010

HallStyle's Lament, (Random Tweets)

HallStyle  Are We so Blinded by the Shiny Objects that we Don't see What is Really Going on in Our Country? Are We aware of the effects of our actions?

HallStyle  Are We So Drunk With Greed that our Senses no longer function properly? Have we regressed so far backward that the we long for our past?

HallStyle  Do we have any Visions of the Future? Have we Lost all Curiousity? What does it mean to be Human in Present day America?

HallStyle  Corporations Are People they have More Rights than you and I. Their Votes Count more than Mine! If they are Human we are Sub-Human 3/5

HallStyle  We are Sub-Human Slaves to Multinational Corporations who Own Our Government Institutions and Our Politicians who are suppose to help us!

HallStyle  If the Corporations Are the Masters then the Government is just their Enforcer. The Role of Governments Is to protect Corporate interest

HallStyle  If We are to take back our Country we Must First understand who or what Really Controls our Country. These Corrupt Corporate Monsters

HallStyle  A Town, A State, A Nation without Values, Without Beliefs, Without Shared Identity has no Culture No Soul! Who Are We? Where Are We Going?

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