Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kinston City election most important ever!

It's that time of the year again, election season!  I know politicians always say that each election is the most important election and to some degree they are right. The last municipal election saw the city of Kinston elect is first Republican mayor since reconstruction, an historic event regardless of your political affiliation.  But this election could switch the balance of power on the Kinston city council.  

Even though Lennie Peterson is the only candidate "Running" as a Republican everyone knows John Nix is a republican and is only running as an unaffiliated candidate to increase his chances of winning and to promote his cause of "Non Partisan Elections" as if there ever was such a thing.  It's impossible to get political parties and politics out of elections.  Elections are political by their very nature, his wife is an officer on the Lenoir County GOP for Christ sake.  He is definitely not unaffiliated and non partisan elections are just another republican trick.

Then there is Jimmy cousins (who when he was a Democrat I supported for Mayor).  I believe Jimmy is an honorable guy and would have been a great Mayor but it is clear that a vote for Jimmy Cousins (who has never made his Conservatism a secret) would be a vote against the Democratic Party and in support of the Republican party.  

So if Mr. Peterson, Mr. Nix, and Mr. Cousins win that would mean there would be 3 Conservatives/Republicans on the 5 person city council and a long with the Republican Mayor Murphy 4 altogether giving the Republican Party complete control of the Kinston City Council, that spells a recipe for disaster.  

Now is not the time to experiment with ultra right wing Republican Conservatism.  This coupled with the Mayors attempt to have veto power with the assistance of long-time friend and associate NC House Representative Stephen LaRoque the republicans will have the ability to stop all the progress that Kinston is trying to make.  Stephen LaRoque is no doubt pulling all the strings trying to control all aspects of Lenoir County politics.

I have stated in the past that the Mayor should have more say in the governing process because how else can the citizens gage the Mayors performance if all he does is cut ribbons and pose for pictures but with this current Mayor the city of Kinston has in there now that's about all I want him doing!  

We cannot be deceived into thinking that these candidates that are running as "Independents" or "Unaffiliated" are truly independent, they are under cover Republicans trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens of Kinston.  On November 8th I urge the Citizens of Kinston to vote Straight Democratic Party ticket and to Vote No on the Mayor veto referendum.

Anthony D. Hall
3rd Vice Chair

Lenoir County Democratic Party

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NC Republican Legislators have Betrayed our State

I want to thank Governor Perdue for standing up and fighting the Republican Budget.  I am ashamed that 5 Democrats decided to do what was in their best "Political Interest" instead of what is best for the State of North Carolina and the citizens of North Carolina.  Make no mistake this Budget takes our state in the Wrong Direction!  

The Republicans claim that their budget protects the class rooms but all they do is force the Local Governments to take on more of the burden of making those cuts.  A burden that they can't afford to bare.  

The Republicans have cut funding to Early Childhood education that really helps low income families and minorities, but the Republicans could careless.  All the while Tom Tillis gives his staff Raises, teachers across the state are going to get Pink Slips!  It's unforgiveble!  

I don't know anything more important than the future of our Children.  The Republican Budget hurts everyone involved in Education: Students, Teachers, Janitors, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Staff, Maintinance!  Don't Be Deceived!  When School Boards start making Cuts No One Is going to be safe and No One is going to benefit!  

The Republican Party has targeted Teachers Unions strictly for ideological purposes.  The Republican Legislators have even target the State Capital Police for goodness sake!  I don't know who benefits from all that the Republicans are doing in Raleigh but I can tell you it aint the Citizens of North Carolina.  It aint the Hard Working Middle Class, it aint the struggling Working Poor, it aint the Unemployed and it isn't those living below Poverty!  

Claiborne Pell wrote, "The strength of the United States is not the gold at Fort Knox or the weapons of mass destruction that we have, but the sum total of the Education and the character of our people."  Our Education system is what makes our Country Great and what makes the State of North Carolina Great!  Governor Perdue understands that The Repubican Legislature doesn't!

Anthony D. Hall
3rd Vice Chair - Lenoir County Democratic Party
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health

Friday, May 27, 2011

Protect Education!

This is a very important time in the history of the state of North Carolina. For the first time in 100 years Repubicans control the North Carolina General Assembly. We also are facing one of the worst economic crisiss we've seen since the Great Depression.

In a time when our state needs leadership the most the Republican Party's answer to everything is Cut Everything. Cut Teachers and send them to the employment line, Cut Healthcare Benefits, Cut Unemployment Benefits, Cut Medicaid & Medicare. Every student in this state will affected by the massive cuts to Education that the GOP is proposing. Don't be deceived.
If the Republican Budget is approved we will be below South Carolina and Mississippi in per student spending, that is unacceptable. We are better than that!
While all this is going on in the North Carolina General Assembly, District 10 Rep. Stephen LaRoque trys to interject Race as a means to Distract the public of the Real issue of Protecting Education and passing the budget. LaRoque called Rev. Barber and the Entire NAACP Racist, an unprovocated comment I might add.
The NAACP of which I am a Proud member has fought for over 100 years against Racism and to protect the Civil Rights of ALL Americans to call them Racist would be like calling the KKK a civil rights organization. It's totally absurd. I demand Stephen LaRoque appologize for his imflamatory outrageous remarks and focus his energy on the Budget Crissis instead of Race Baiting!
The Republican leaders in the General Assembly Put Education First. We have an projected $700 million budget shortfall. Republicans want to fix that shortfall by firing Teachers and Teachers Assistant across the state affecting Every class room and every student. Enough is Enough. I demand that The Republican Leadership in the General Assembly revise their Budget to Protect Education and that means saving Teachers Jobs!
Teachers in the state of North Carolina are already Under Paid, Under Appreciated and the Republicans in the NC General Assembly want to See them Unemployed! I along with many other Young Democrats across the state will head to Raleigh on June 2nd to Fight For Education! This is a Fight that we can't afford to lose and We Want Lose!

Anthony D. Hall
3rd Vice Chair - Lenoir County Democratic Party
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health
Member - NAACP

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hall Fam

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stop the GOP Middle Class tax hike!

From: NC House Democrats <>
Date: Mar 8, 2011 5:15 PM
Subject: Stop the GOP Middle Class tax hike

Dear Supporter:

We need your help, right now.

Middle class families in North Carolina are under attack in a piece of legislation that goes before the House Finance Committee tomorrow morning.

Republicans in the State House have proposed changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) that will increase the taxes of middle class families across North Carolina (HB 93).

Over 800,000 working North Carolina families qualify for and claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.  About half of them-over 400,000- would see their taxes increased by a total of $50 million if the Republican plan was passed into law.  That's an average tax increase of over $125!

This bill which raises taxes on middle class families will be heard tomorrow has launced a petition to oppose stripping away the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC.)

Click below to put your name on the petition and let Republicans know that raising taxes on middle class families is not the answer!

Click here to sign the petition


NC House Democrats

P.S. Your signature on the petition could make the difference, sign our petition  to protect the EITC now. 

-Paid for by the North Carolina Democratic Party - House Caucus-

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Friday, February 11, 2011

HKonJ This Saturday!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Privatizing the NC ABC system is Bad Policy and its bad for North Carolina.

I applaud and support Governor Perdue's decision Not to privatize North Carolina's ABC System.  Her decision took courage and showed Great Leadership.  Privatizing the NC ABC system is Bad Policy and its bad for North Carolina.

For one it would seriously diminish the State Governments Revenue! Last year the ABC system brought in a profit of 200 million.  We already have the Far Right Wing RepubliCON legislators talking about Cutting More Taxes (Which Means cutting Revenue) and Cutting More Spending (Which Means Cutting Jobs) why in the World would anyone in their right mind Cut More Revenue out of the State Budget?  It doesn't make Sound Fiscal Sense!  Everyone wants to Balance the State Budget and we have to but you Don't do that by Cutting State Revenue!

Second, it would seriously put Local Governments in a bind also.  With the State facing a huge budget deficit, the State is limited in what it can provide to Local Governments.  Yes the State is going to cut spending in some areas and one of those areas is more than likely going to be what it gives to Local Governments.  If the NC ABC System is privatized it will take around $51 Million out of Local Governments Budgets! That aint pocket change!  Local Governments will be forced to layoff Police and Emergency Personnel, cut back spending on Education and Social Services!  We need to seriously think about the implications of such decisions before jumping on the Privatization Band Wagon!

Finally, if the RepubliCON controlled State Legislature privatizes the NC ABC system we will have a Liquor Store on every street corner in North Carolina most of which will be in Low Income, High Crime neighborhoods!  We have to come up with solutions that work for State of North Carolina and Local Government.

Anthony D. Hall
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health

Friday, January 28, 2011

I Support Gwen Wilkins for NCDP 1st Vice Chair

Tomorrow over 700 Democrats from all 100 counties will gather to elect New Officers. We have some Great Outstanding Candidates for each post but feel compelled to speak on the behalf of one very special candidate, 1st District Chair Gwen Wilkins who is running for NCDP 1st Vice Chair.

During the time that I have known Gwen she has proven to me that she wants what is Best for The 1st District which part of Lenoir County is in and the Entire State. She is a DieHard Democrat in a time where being Partisan has been given a bad name, Gwen Loves the Democratic Party and what it Stands for. Gwen has Fought for us in Lenoir County, in the First District and if given the chance she will Fight for you as North Carolina Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair! I urge your support and if you are on the SEC or are going as a Proxy like myself I urge that you Vote for Gwen Wilkins for NCDP 1st Vice Chair! Thank You!

Democratically Yours!

Anthony D. Hall "D" For DieHard Democrat!