Friday, January 28, 2011

I Support Gwen Wilkins for NCDP 1st Vice Chair

Tomorrow over 700 Democrats from all 100 counties will gather to elect New Officers. We have some Great Outstanding Candidates for each post but feel compelled to speak on the behalf of one very special candidate, 1st District Chair Gwen Wilkins who is running for NCDP 1st Vice Chair.

During the time that I have known Gwen she has proven to me that she wants what is Best for The 1st District which part of Lenoir County is in and the Entire State. She is a DieHard Democrat in a time where being Partisan has been given a bad name, Gwen Loves the Democratic Party and what it Stands for. Gwen has Fought for us in Lenoir County, in the First District and if given the chance she will Fight for you as North Carolina Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair! I urge your support and if you are on the SEC or are going as a Proxy like myself I urge that you Vote for Gwen Wilkins for NCDP 1st Vice Chair! Thank You!

Democratically Yours!

Anthony D. Hall "D" For DieHard Democrat!