Friday, February 11, 2011

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Privatizing the NC ABC system is Bad Policy and its bad for North Carolina.

I applaud and support Governor Perdue's decision Not to privatize North Carolina's ABC System.  Her decision took courage and showed Great Leadership.  Privatizing the NC ABC system is Bad Policy and its bad for North Carolina.

For one it would seriously diminish the State Governments Revenue! Last year the ABC system brought in a profit of 200 million.  We already have the Far Right Wing RepubliCON legislators talking about Cutting More Taxes (Which Means cutting Revenue) and Cutting More Spending (Which Means Cutting Jobs) why in the World would anyone in their right mind Cut More Revenue out of the State Budget?  It doesn't make Sound Fiscal Sense!  Everyone wants to Balance the State Budget and we have to but you Don't do that by Cutting State Revenue!

Second, it would seriously put Local Governments in a bind also.  With the State facing a huge budget deficit, the State is limited in what it can provide to Local Governments.  Yes the State is going to cut spending in some areas and one of those areas is more than likely going to be what it gives to Local Governments.  If the NC ABC System is privatized it will take around $51 Million out of Local Governments Budgets! That aint pocket change!  Local Governments will be forced to layoff Police and Emergency Personnel, cut back spending on Education and Social Services!  We need to seriously think about the implications of such decisions before jumping on the Privatization Band Wagon!

Finally, if the RepubliCON controlled State Legislature privatizes the NC ABC system we will have a Liquor Store on every street corner in North Carolina most of which will be in Low Income, High Crime neighborhoods!  We have to come up with solutions that work for State of North Carolina and Local Government.

Anthony D. Hall
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health