Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kinston City election most important ever!

It's that time of the year again, election season!  I know politicians always say that each election is the most important election and to some degree they are right. The last municipal election saw the city of Kinston elect is first Republican mayor since reconstruction, an historic event regardless of your political affiliation.  But this election could switch the balance of power on the Kinston city council.  

Even though Lennie Peterson is the only candidate "Running" as a Republican everyone knows John Nix is a republican and is only running as an unaffiliated candidate to increase his chances of winning and to promote his cause of "Non Partisan Elections" as if there ever was such a thing.  It's impossible to get political parties and politics out of elections.  Elections are political by their very nature, his wife is an officer on the Lenoir County GOP for Christ sake.  He is definitely not unaffiliated and non partisan elections are just another republican trick.

Then there is Jimmy cousins (who when he was a Democrat I supported for Mayor).  I believe Jimmy is an honorable guy and would have been a great Mayor but it is clear that a vote for Jimmy Cousins (who has never made his Conservatism a secret) would be a vote against the Democratic Party and in support of the Republican party.  

So if Mr. Peterson, Mr. Nix, and Mr. Cousins win that would mean there would be 3 Conservatives/Republicans on the 5 person city council and a long with the Republican Mayor Murphy 4 altogether giving the Republican Party complete control of the Kinston City Council, that spells a recipe for disaster.  

Now is not the time to experiment with ultra right wing Republican Conservatism.  This coupled with the Mayors attempt to have veto power with the assistance of long-time friend and associate NC House Representative Stephen LaRoque the republicans will have the ability to stop all the progress that Kinston is trying to make.  Stephen LaRoque is no doubt pulling all the strings trying to control all aspects of Lenoir County politics.

I have stated in the past that the Mayor should have more say in the governing process because how else can the citizens gage the Mayors performance if all he does is cut ribbons and pose for pictures but with this current Mayor the city of Kinston has in there now that's about all I want him doing!  

We cannot be deceived into thinking that these candidates that are running as "Independents" or "Unaffiliated" are truly independent, they are under cover Republicans trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens of Kinston.  On November 8th I urge the Citizens of Kinston to vote Straight Democratic Party ticket and to Vote No on the Mayor veto referendum.

Anthony D. Hall
3rd Vice Chair

Lenoir County Democratic Party