Friday, February 3, 2012

RE: Feds rethink stance on Kinston voting

The fight against Non Partisan elections just heated up a little bit.  As reported by the Kinston Free Press and others ( ) The Justice Department has soften is stance on the Non Partisan referendum:

U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez wrote, "It appears that there may 'have been a substantial change in operative fact' such that it is appropriate to reconsider the objection concerning the City of Kinston."

Well, needless to say we need to reinforce to the Justice department that nothing substantial has changed, in fact we need to let them know that things have the potential to get worse.  I'm sure many of you know County Commissioner Eric Rouse introduced a "Voter I.D. resolution at one of the county commissioner meetings (which was tabled).  If the republican party were to take control of the County Commission I have no doubt that they will be successful in passing a Voter I.D. resolution here in Lenoir County.  Such a resolution will limit acess to the polls to minorities and the elderly who are the ones that are more likely to not have I.D. It would basically be a Poll Tax which many believe would be unconstitutional.

We need to let the Justice Department know that the Local Republican Party is behind the entire Non Partisan issue.  It has nothing to do with black or white.  I dont know how they came to that conclussion to begin with.  It has everything to do with Democrat and Republican.  The Republicans know that they cant when in Kinston because Kinston is Majority Democrat and many Democrats vote straight party, which they have every right to do and they cant change the fact that Kinston is majority Democrat but they can change how we vote.  

They have been wanting to do away with the "Straight Party Voting System" for years, with Non Partisan voting they basically do away with Straight Party Voting.  Thats their objective they want to take that option away from voters!  We cant let that happen.  We need to call the justice department and let them know that they need to REJECT the Non Partisan Referendum and keep our voting in Lenoir County the way it has always been.  Changing the elections to Non Partisan only helps one small minority group, the Far Right Wing of the Republican Party.  Contact the Justice Department and tell them to keep Lenoir County Elections Partisan.  Contact info below:

Thomas E. Perez
Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
(202) 514-4609

Mailing Address

           U.S. Department of Justice
           Civil Rights Division
           950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
           Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main          
           Washington, D.C. 20530

Fax Numbers:

(202) 514-0293
(202) 307-2572
(202) 307-2839

Sincerely & Democratically Yours,

Anthony D. Hall
3rd Vice Chair - Lenoir County Democratic Party
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health