Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vote Ronnie Ingram for Lenoir County Sheriff

Just spoke with Ronnie Ingram about the "man" (if you can call him that) that was stealing his signs and the Sheriffs Departments possible knowledge.

This is bigger then politics. This "Race" is a Statement that Lenoir County is ready to move on from its racist past. If we fail here and now to see that Ronnie Ingram wins we fail for Generations to come.

Stand Now! The only way to Improve Law Enforcement relations with the Public is for Law Enforcement to be seen as a member of the Public. A Man of the People not Lord and Dictator and Enforcer.

Our Current Sheriffs Department is Sick and Corrupt and in need of MAJOR change. Hopefully when Ronnie wins that change can begin and our community can finally heal.

Friday, September 19, 2014

False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.)

I was listening to this "simpleton" discuss ISIS and how he couldnt believe the President was telling them he was about to strike, I replied "Because its FAKE" thats why.

Should have seen his face. He was shocked I didn't believe in the Threat. I explained "Anything everybody else is for is reason enough for me to be against".

I continued "The house just approved this rather easily and most of the time they can't agree on anything. Something has to be up."

He said "You don't believe the Terrorist are killing people over there?"

I told him "I don't believe much of what I see or hear, and if you don't know what a False Flag is Google it". That was pretty much all I could take of his ignorance and I walked out saying "It always amazes me how naive most Americans are"

The Media tells us whats important. The Media tells us what to believe, the Media controls our thoughts and subsequently our actions. We are not independent actors and definitely not a factor.

No Hope For Humanity!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

War on Society

Socially we've come to an agreement that it is in Public Interest to "Remove The Scourge of Illegal Drugs" from the streets. In doing so we as a society have decided to Crack Down on those that are involved in it.

Countless Drug Dealers and users have been Arrested, Tried, Convicted and Sentenced in course of this Crack Down or has it has been phrased "War on Drugs"!

But what have we gained?

Drug Dealing is a Business. With paying customers. You shut down McDonald's people will just go the next Mcdonald's or Burger King. You havent addressed the Demand.

So how do you address the Demand for Illegal Drugs? As a Health Concern or as a Crime?

Well if we address it as a Health Concern then people would just use the Tobacco and Alcohol argument and you can quickly see where that road ends. But it's only a Crime because the of Laws that could easily be changed.

But in the meantime, there are more and more Dealers and users that are filling the jails and prisons. I've said this more times then I can remember, "If you lock up one Dealer it may take two or more to replace him"!

And he will be replaced trust me!

You see its like a revolving door and endless cycle. You get rid of one Older Dealer and just make room for a younger to step in and fill the void. But who's kids are filling this void? Who's kids are caught in this revolving door?

We need to seriously look at the societal impacts of this so called "War on Drugs" and analyze just exactly who are we Fighting and can this thing possibly be won?

Anthony D. Hall