Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Real Reason they killed MLKjr

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Hand that Moves the Pawn

I've said this before and I'll say it  again "Raising the minimum is like raising the Floor without adequately adjusting the ceiling." Whats in the middle gets crushed.

There is no incentive for employers to Raise Middle Class wages in conjunction with raising the minimum wage, basically the middle class will be making less if you adjust for inflation.

But we aren't addressing the problem. The problem is the COST of Good and Services. They are out of control. Everyone has an answer "Raise The Minimum Wage" but that doesnt solve the cost problem.

If "Government" can mandate a minimum wage they should also be able to mandate a "Maximum Price" as well.

Each Good or Service can only reach a certain price as to make sure all essential Goods and Services are affordable. Oh but that sounds Communist don't it.

Minimum wage? GTFOH

But then people say "What about the positive impact on the Economy?"

Of course the economy will do a little better you are just funneling the money BACK to where it came from The Employer.

"Its A Scam"

Meanwhile overall wage growth remains stagnant. As more and more people "Complete" for less and less "Middle Class" jobs.

Just as employers want. Competition for Labor brings down the Value of Labor. While the actual competition for Good and Services has basically diminished over the years as more and more companies combine merge and solidify market share creating virtual monopolies.

Some even make the argument that having a Consumer based economy is a good thing. Not when the consumer doesn't have Real Wealth or purchasing Power. Our Economy is A Debt Based Economy Slave to Banks! Don't get it twisted!!!

What we need is to become Producers not just consumers!!! Whats the root word of Consumer? Thats our fucking #1 Problem. We, Our CONsumer based Economy OVER Consumes and who really benefits? The People? Or the Super Huge Corporations and Banks?

People Talk about the Economy as if we are ALL living breathing vibrant active Participants in it. As if we are ALL Equally invested in it. Nothing could be further from the Truth. We Are The Walking Dead!

They say the Economy added jobs (did we get a promotion or raise?) The stock market went up a few points (but is having a 401k make you a player in the market?) Everyone feels as if they played a part merely by being an Consumer. You're a Pawn.

The invisible hand moves the Pawns across the board which ever way it chooses.