Thursday, December 18, 2014

My take on US/Cuba Diplomatic Relations agreement

If anyone thinks the US gives a Damn about Cuba go blow your Brains out. This has everything to do with taking another piece of Russia's and China's off the Board and dismantling the Cuban government from the inside. Cuba is ultimately a none factor just a Pawn.

If they decided to do this now they've (the US) have calculated how they can gain. This is in no way shape or form in the best interest of Cuba. Not after all this time and after all the US has done to that country. Of course they will throw Cuba some carrots but in the long term this mean nothing but sticks. This smells like shit.

Anytime the US actively participates in a coordinated PR campaign against the Leader of another nation I automatically question they're motives. The Castros are a symbol of US failure, Iran symbol of US failure, North Korea a symbol of US failure. And thus these nations and its leaders have been shown in the most negative manor possible. As if our hands are clean.

What irks me is the US hypocrisy. You can't mention the economy of Cuba without first mentioning the embargo. You can't mention the brutality or "Human Rights" (please!) (GTFOH) (allegedly) without mentioning the constant attempts to undermine and overthrow the Cuban government of course I would be suspicious of all dissidents if I were Cuba. No way of knowing if they are real or US backed operatives. I would be firm handed also.

ALL of Cubas problems are of US origin. Every single one of them. Like I said you cannot mention the economy without mentioning the embargo and as for Human Rights? GTFOH with that. US only uses the "Human Rights" bullshit line on nations they dont like and want to make look bad in the press. We got no room to talk of human rights. Again more Hypocrisy.

Diplomatic relations will be their undoing and Obama has seen first hand how it works.

Just take Libya for example. Gaddafi reigned for many years without diplomatic relations with the US and was demonized (as is Castro) by the US media. But Libya thrived. As soon as diplomatic relations were agreed upon and embassies set up and alliances within Libya established they began their plan to take him out. Same thing with Syria. Both nations had Diplomatic relations with the US.

Look at Iran, No Diplomatic relations. Stable government.

Look at North Korea, no diplomatic relations, stable government.

Diplomatic relations is how they overthrow governments from the inside. This is nothing new.