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Black People MUST practice group economics

Black people stop marching and protesting and do this

Black people stop marching and protesting and do thisBlack people this is the only way we an succeed and make it in this world. Watch and share

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Ashkenazi Jew affirms DNA Evidence from Duke University claiming the Lemba tribe of Africa and the Igbos of Nigeria are the direct descendents of the #12Tribes of Israel,

Ashkenazi Jew affirms DNA Evidence from Duke University claiming the Lemba tribe of Africa and the Igbos of Nigeria are the direct descendents of the #12Tribes of Israel, some of who were taken to the Americas and Carribean in the #TransAtlanticSlaveTrade. He also confirms early european "conversion" to Judaism. Zion Lexx

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Minister Farrakhan explains how The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is most effective in cleaning up drug addicts. (1972 Throwback)

The Power of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Minister Farrakhan explains how The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is most effective in cleaning up drug addicts. (1972 Throwback)

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Tim wise says whites had a 400 year head start.

Tim wise says whites had a 400 year head start.

This is why I respect Tim Wise, he speaks the truth. I also speak about this all the time. This illusion that white people have that they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps is bullshit. Majority of their parents where basically giving houses by the government while blacks were denied it. After the great depression the white middle class was created by the government through government assistance. LISTEN

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Dr Amos Wilson "The Psychology of Black Children"

Facebook: The united states of Africa


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Councilman Larry Gladney Speaking on the importance of Municipal Elections

5 Foundational Books for Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Restoration

NHOMA ANUM:5 Foundational Books for Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) RestorationOrder today from our publications page - 5 Books for $40:NHOMA - Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu Akwamu Nation in North
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Vote! The future of your city depends on it.

Listen Up Kinston, you have 4 Black Candidates for 3 City Council seats.

You have three Votes, choose from these four candidates : Incumbent Sammy Aiken, Tharol Branch, Felicia Solomon and Michael Davis...

There are 8 candidates on the ballot which is ridiculous we have to narrow it down to these 4 options. Choose wisely the fate of your city depends on it.

Early voting is still underway. Vote NOW. You can still register and vote on the same day during early voting just bring your ID for that. ID will not be needed if you are already registered.... Early voting will end October 31st so do it TODAY! No excuses.. Election Day is November 3rd but why wait in long lines? Early voting is quick and easy...

And while we are the subject of voting, we still have a very large segment of the Black Community that don't vote and  dont believe that voting can change anything.  Listen, I understand your pain but that is the wrong way.  Voting makes a Huge difference and so does NOT voting. 

Right now the city of Kinston has 3 African Americans on the 5 member Town Council.  Yes, we are the Majority.  As it should be in a town where Blacks are the Majority.  But we are in serious Danger of losing that majority. 

As we all know Mayor Pro Temp Joe Tyson is not seeking another term.  So by default we are down One African American.  Councilman Sammy Aiken is up for reelection and his seat is not guaranteed. 

We could be down to just One African American on the City Council when its all said and done.... IF The Black Citizens of Kinston don't come and vote.  Its bigger then any particular candidate it about all of us..

The rich and wealthy of this town have their candidates in waiting, hoping wishing and planning for us not to show up to the polls.  Well, we need to send a message to them that we want to maintain our Majority on the City Council and we are going to support our Black Candidates.  Kinston its in your hands.  Nobody can stop us but us!!!! Now get up get out and vote!!""

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Battle Rapper Goes In On Christian Religion....

Battle Rapper Goes In On Christian Religion.... WAIT FOR IT! Comments??? [KOTD Rap Battle]

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The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, written by abolitionist and former slave: Bro. Frederick Douglass, July 5, 1852 at Rochester's Corinthian Hall.

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, by Bro. Frederick Do...

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, written by abolitionist and former slave: Bro. Frederick Douglass, July 5, 1852 at Rochester's Corinthian Hall. Read by Bro. Morgan Freeman.Published on Sep 6, 2009

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Malcolm X on the March on Washington


Teach Malcolm Teach!! These words are still relevant today! Every African American needs to view this video. It will open your eyes to the trickery and lies of the ruling white elites. View it and then share it. Please

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Million Man March 2015 | Louis Farrakhan DC Rally Justice or Else Nation of Islam Farrakhan



NURI MUHAMMAD vs "BLUE KLUX KLAN" – Nuri Muhammad of the Nation of Islam BLASTS racist police officers (whom he terms the "Blue Klux Klan") during his powerful speech at the 10.10.15 #JusticeOrElse rally in Washington DC. Please SIGN and SHARE the New #MalcolmX PETITION to #PresidentObama: the Petition reaches 150 signatures, it will not be PUBLICLY VIEWABLE on the Open Petitions section of "We the People", so PLEASE be sure to SIGN here:***We Need 100,000 Signatures by 10 NOVEMBER 2015***--------------------YOU MAY WRITE TO THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AT THIS ADDRESS: Attorney General Loretta LynchU.S. Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington, DC20530-0001YOU MAY PHONE THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ON THESE NUMBERS: Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555

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The Late Dr. Amos Wilson speaks on The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Legacy of The Nation of Islam under his Leadership

The Late Dr. Amos Wilson speaks on The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Legacy of The Nation of Islam under his Leadership, Teaching, and Guidance and demonstrates that it is Messenger Elijah Muhammad who long preceded him not only with "A BLUEPRINT FOR BLACK POWER," but also A CONCRETE EXAMPLE OF "THE BLUEPRINT FOR BLACK POWER" in actualization and not merely in the theoretical stage.Let all in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and beyond come to see and hear Minister Eric Muhammad on January 31st at 6:00PM as he delivers, from The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teaching and program, THE BLUEPRINT FOR BLACK POWER!FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE FLYER BELOW

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Malcolm X - Organization for Afro American Unity

I believe some combination of Malcolm's approach and Marcus's approach is the proper way forward.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MALCOLM X: The Secret FBI Tape

MALCOLM X: The Secret FBI Tape

MALCOLM X: ***THE SECRET FBI TAPE***: In this amazing secret recording of a December 1963 meeting between Malcolm X and two FBI agents from the Bureau’s New York field office, Malcolm is uncompromising in the manner in which he DEFENDS Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam against the FBI’s plots to destroy the movement – at a time when Malcolm was under a 90-day suspension that Elijah Muhammad had imposed on him for the purpose of ISOLATING and ASSASSINATING him (and not for his JFK “chickens come home to roost” remarks, as the NOI had falsely claimed at the time). For it was during this same period that Captain Joseph X Gravitt of New York’s Temple #7 (following a direct order from Elijah Muhammad himself) attempted to recruit explosives expert Luqman Abdurr Rahim (aka Anas M Luqman) to wire Malcolm’s Oldsmobile to EXPLODE upon ignition: Malcolm X chosen to cut a deal with the FBI and surrender the NOI’s most closely-guarded secrets to the US Government in return for millions of dollars and a comfortable life in a witness protection program, Malcolm could have easily DESTROYED Elijah Muhammad and the NOI over a decade before the NOI’s eventual demise in the wake of Mr Muhammad’s 1975 death.This recording is an extraordinary testament to the integrity, decency and loyalty of Malcolm X and is a devastating indictment of the BARBARISM of those in the Nation of Islam who rewarded that trust by labelling him a "traitor" and "hypocrite" and MURDERING him in cold blood on 21st February 1965 in front of his wife and children. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE #MalcolmX PETITION: #ElijahMuhammad #FBI #COINTELPRO #Farrakhan

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The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Speaks on The Importance of Knowledge of Self

The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Speaks On The Importance Of Knowledge Of Self.

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We need a "Black Family Matters Movement!!!"

A community as a whole is only a reflection of the state of the individual families within that community. Our families are literally Broken. Financially Socially, Culturally, Economically and Spiritually (not talking religion, theres enough of that). It start with the family.

It doesnt matter what we go through until we build that aspect of Black Life back up our communities will be in shambles.

But until then we cant continue to roll the dice with our children raising them in these terrible environments and hoping and a wishing and a praying that they will be able to survive and come out of it. If you care about our youth move them out of the city into the country... Or at least in a quite part of town and have tighter controls on their coming and going.

Your environment will change you before you change it. I wouldnt raise my children in and around the projects, drugs, sex, crime and violence. And if you do you can't expect them not to be somewhat impacted by it. And as long as our communities are Poor and Broken Familes thats is what our communities are going to look like...

My oldest are 16 and 15 girl and boy and they dont go nowhere or do anything without me and the wife knowing who what when where and how... We got to get back to Family Matters...

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The Balfour Declaration

Lord Rothschild and the Illuminati NWO

Rothschild and the Illuminati New World Order

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Is Government assistance Really assistance?

Food stamps is kinda like a drug. In many ways its part of the problem. By no means is it a real solution.

When you think of the root causes of poverty you don't say "hey lets just give them food stamps". Thats like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. You have to address the root causes of poverty... And we really don't do that in any significant way. Food Stamps dont lower the poverty rate...

So that begs the question why are people poor? Define poor. I'm not poor but but I'm a couple paychecks from being homeless and destitute. Poverty comes from the way our system is set up it.  For there to be winners there has to be losers. This fairly tale that everyone can win partly contributes to it. No one realistically looks at it. 

When the rich get richer the poor naturally gets poorer and the middle class fall closer to the working poor. Thats the nature of Capitalist Competition. Those that control the most capital have the over whelming advantage. Like being the big chip stack at the poker table. Unless you just start playing erratically you more then likely are going to win. But in a poker tournament the one who wins wins by obtaining ALL the chips.

For many poor people they are born into a situation where they are the small chip stack in a poker game and they dont know how to play. And no one has ever really taught them. So they continue to lose. This goes to education. In high school they don't really teach entrepreneurship they barely prepare our children for the job market (those that graduate). Even college doesnt have a great enough emphasis on teaching people how create jobs instead of just finding a job.

But once you get to this point this is where you learn of class, your true station in life. Just obtaining education doesnt guarantee opportunity no matter your level of skill. Peoples hate, bias and prejudice leads them to discriminate. Ultimately the cream will rise but not necessarily to the top.

For many classes there is a glass ceiling. There are so many barriers. And thats for the ones with education. The ones that werent as lucky are hoping and wishing they can find a job but they lack skills talents and abilities. Many give up and go for the seemingly "easy money" the street life offers, some are born into that life. Regardless, once engulfed in that world there are only two outcomes: Dead or In Jail. Our "Prison Industrial Complex system of Mass Incarceration". RE: 13th Amendment. Poverty leads people down this road.

The answer is JOB CREATION and equal opportunity. Our system wont guarantee us either and they wont teach us how to create our own jobs and to create our own opportunities or give us the access to credit, capital and adequate funding.

This is where our money could be better used. Spending more money on assisting African Americans on creating Small Businesses and creating Job opportunities. Spend more money on recruiting more industries to our region. Economic Development for the ones that NEED it the most. We need to really focus on lowering the poverty rate in the African American community not just giving scraps.

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Nelson Mandela's answer to a question about his alliance with Gaddafi.

Watch Nelson Mandela's answer to a question about his alliance with Gaddafi. #LikeCommentShare

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Truth and Reconciliation for the wrongs done to Blacks

We will never have peace on this Earth until we really begin some kind of Truth and Reconciliation for the wrongs done to ALL those of African decent...

Africa is being raped robbed and pillaged by Outsiders (Mainly Europeans) In the Americas people of African decent are subject to the worse kind of racism inequality and oppression this world has ever seen but we keep telling ourselves we are free and equal...Deep down we know that isn't true...

The integration experiment has proven we cant live together in peace... Blacks move into a white neighborhood Whites move out...Blacks get a good job whites complain and say he only got it because of Affirmative Action...There aint enough Affirmative Action to right all of their wrongs...Blacks go to white schools... Whites pull their kids out and put them in Private schools...

Segregation NEVER ended....It just evolved... But we keep lying to one another... Whites have predominantly White Churches...blacks have predominantly Black churches...Thats the way is thats the way it always will be...What We Demand is Justice... Equal treatment under the Law...Look at the Mass Incarceration Blacks face..

But how do we look like begging our oppressors to stop oppressing us? Like fools...Stand Up Come together and do something for Self...Build Strong Black Families, Build Strong Black Communities, Build Strong Black Schools, Build Strong Black Businesses, teach our youth of our rich heritage before slavery...We have work to do...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Resistance is Futile...

Words like Freedom Justice Equality are literally impossible in the United States...It's an illusion...

You have freedom until the government decides to take it away..And they really don't have to give you a reason thanks to the Patriot Act and all that...

Justice... Define Justice??? Do really believe the family of the 9 Blacks Killed by a White Militant/Extremist/Racist/Terrorist truly believe they will get the justice they deserve? An Eye for an Eye??? If it were me I would want to finish him myself..Real quick no long trial and appeals...But they won't get that...

Equality is the biggest lie..As long as we live in a Democratic Capitalist Society we live in an inherent Corruption and Inequality...So whats to be done?

Where do we go from here? Trying to change the system is almost impossible and trying to work from within it will only warp and bend your mind to it and corrupt you as well...

I was taught that your environment will change you before you change it and that is very true...We struggle in vane to change that which most of us haven't the slightest understanding of...

Anthony D. Hall

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Fallacy of the Diversity Argument in regard to education

Let me say it as plain as I possibly can: "If you have Good Teachers, Good Parents, a Good Curriculum and adequate Funding you WILL have Good Schools.  Diversity is not a prerequisite for a Quality Education.

I don't believe in the idea of FORCING DIVERSITY. What does that really accomplish? No matter the level of diversity all the schools should have the same level of funding and quality teachers that's what really matters when it comes to education.

Teachers the second most influential or detrimental people in our childrens lives.  I believe in many cases especially, in urban areas or in schools with Majority Minority enrollment that we set the bar for Teachers way to low and the bar for the students to high.  But how do we insure that we have the best teachers possible?  First, school administrators need to have higher standards during the screening, interviewing and hiring process.  We need to get out of this as long as they got a degree and a pulse approach to hiring teachers. 

Second teachers that meet the new higher standards need to be paid more.  It is ridiculous to think that teachers will stay at a job making next to nothing after all the years of education when they have the opportunity to go somewhere else and use that education to make more. 

Third is class room sizes.  No matter how good a teacher is if the class has 30-40 students it is hard to insure that the students are getting the help they need. These issues need to be addressed.  I love teachers but not everyone is cut out for the job and we shouldnt just hire anybody that applies.

We Parents are the most influential or detrimental people in our childrens lives.  They watch our every move and absorb all that we are.  It is important for us to be the best people we can possibly be for them.  To show them the way.  But the problems children face due to their parents are daunting. 

More and more children are growing up in single parent homes. BROKEN FAMILIES.  I'm not saying good Students can't come from Single parent homes but we have to face the fact that this makes it a helluva lot harder.  Regardless of the reasons why kids are in single parent homes (which i could probably write a book on) this factor has to be taken into consideration. 

Even in cases where students may have two parents theres always the possibility of one or both parents just being flat out incompetent.  Whether it be drugs and alcohol.  Abuse and neglect.  These are situations above and beyond students control.  Having this burden to bare makes it very difficult for many students to focus on learning in school when they have so many problems at home. 

And last parents may not be able to assist children with there work whether it be because of having to work late hours or just flat out not comprehending the assignments.  Parents are finding it harder and harder to find the time to help their kids with school work and many of those that do have the time just lack the ability.

The lack of ability of many parents as I speak from experience.  Even a fairly intelligent person like myself often find it hard to help their kids with homework assignments and in my opinion that speaks to the problems with the curriculum.

Not all children are on the same level obviously but that is no excuse to let students fall behind the rest of the class.  The school system has made drastic changes to the curriculum over the years since I was a public school student and I fear these changes have been for the worst. 

I am by know means advocating "Dumbing Down" of the curriculum but I believe that school systems need to take into consideration demographics and the many factors mentioned earlier.  There is no one sizes fits all curriculum out there every school system and every school needs to be treated Fairly but Individually.

Last is funding.  I think that most people can agree that our public schools just don't receive the funding they deserve.  Some say that its not an issue of funding but the mismanagement of those funds.  But whatever the case lets not pretend ALL schools are treated equally.  They have been picking the winners and losers in the public school system for quite awhile now and it needs to stop.  If a school is "Failing" wouldn't logic suggest we find ways to save the school not contribute to its demise?  I don't trust our politicians to act in the best interest of public schools. 

They have been diverting more and more Public money to Private and Charter schools.  This needs to STOP NOW!  But that topic alone to something we all need to research and study in-depth.  There is definitely some funny business going on with these charter schools.

I'm an African born in America so I see the world through African eyes.  Since before the end of slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement Africans born in America have been fighting for Freedom, Justice and Equality. And many of us believe we have obtained it.  But if we were Truly Free we wouldn't still be whining and complaining about Lack of Justice and not be treated Equally as Humans let alone American citizens.  Yet we are so concerned with Diversity.  As if we just had more diversity it would solve all our problems. 

I'm sorry thats not how it works.  Let us have Our Freedom, Our Justice and Our Equality FIRST!!! Politically, Socially, Culturally and Economically then we will see how unimportant Diversity really is.

Sunday, January 4, 2015