Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Fallacy of the Diversity Argument in regard to education

Let me say it as plain as I possibly can: "If you have Good Teachers, Good Parents, a Good Curriculum and adequate Funding you WILL have Good Schools.  Diversity is not a prerequisite for a Quality Education.

I don't believe in the idea of FORCING DIVERSITY. What does that really accomplish? No matter the level of diversity all the schools should have the same level of funding and quality teachers that's what really matters when it comes to education.

Teachers the second most influential or detrimental people in our childrens lives.  I believe in many cases especially, in urban areas or in schools with Majority Minority enrollment that we set the bar for Teachers way to low and the bar for the students to high.  But how do we insure that we have the best teachers possible?  First, school administrators need to have higher standards during the screening, interviewing and hiring process.  We need to get out of this as long as they got a degree and a pulse approach to hiring teachers. 

Second teachers that meet the new higher standards need to be paid more.  It is ridiculous to think that teachers will stay at a job making next to nothing after all the years of education when they have the opportunity to go somewhere else and use that education to make more. 

Third is class room sizes.  No matter how good a teacher is if the class has 30-40 students it is hard to insure that the students are getting the help they need. These issues need to be addressed.  I love teachers but not everyone is cut out for the job and we shouldnt just hire anybody that applies.

We Parents are the most influential or detrimental people in our childrens lives.  They watch our every move and absorb all that we are.  It is important for us to be the best people we can possibly be for them.  To show them the way.  But the problems children face due to their parents are daunting. 

More and more children are growing up in single parent homes. BROKEN FAMILIES.  I'm not saying good Students can't come from Single parent homes but we have to face the fact that this makes it a helluva lot harder.  Regardless of the reasons why kids are in single parent homes (which i could probably write a book on) this factor has to be taken into consideration. 

Even in cases where students may have two parents theres always the possibility of one or both parents just being flat out incompetent.  Whether it be drugs and alcohol.  Abuse and neglect.  These are situations above and beyond students control.  Having this burden to bare makes it very difficult for many students to focus on learning in school when they have so many problems at home. 

And last parents may not be able to assist children with there work whether it be because of having to work late hours or just flat out not comprehending the assignments.  Parents are finding it harder and harder to find the time to help their kids with school work and many of those that do have the time just lack the ability.

The lack of ability of many parents as I speak from experience.  Even a fairly intelligent person like myself often find it hard to help their kids with homework assignments and in my opinion that speaks to the problems with the curriculum.

Not all children are on the same level obviously but that is no excuse to let students fall behind the rest of the class.  The school system has made drastic changes to the curriculum over the years since I was a public school student and I fear these changes have been for the worst. 

I am by know means advocating "Dumbing Down" of the curriculum but I believe that school systems need to take into consideration demographics and the many factors mentioned earlier.  There is no one sizes fits all curriculum out there every school system and every school needs to be treated Fairly but Individually.

Last is funding.  I think that most people can agree that our public schools just don't receive the funding they deserve.  Some say that its not an issue of funding but the mismanagement of those funds.  But whatever the case lets not pretend ALL schools are treated equally.  They have been picking the winners and losers in the public school system for quite awhile now and it needs to stop.  If a school is "Failing" wouldn't logic suggest we find ways to save the school not contribute to its demise?  I don't trust our politicians to act in the best interest of public schools. 

They have been diverting more and more Public money to Private and Charter schools.  This needs to STOP NOW!  But that topic alone to something we all need to research and study in-depth.  There is definitely some funny business going on with these charter schools.

I'm an African born in America so I see the world through African eyes.  Since before the end of slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement Africans born in America have been fighting for Freedom, Justice and Equality. And many of us believe we have obtained it.  But if we were Truly Free we wouldn't still be whining and complaining about Lack of Justice and not be treated Equally as Humans let alone American citizens.  Yet we are so concerned with Diversity.  As if we just had more diversity it would solve all our problems. 

I'm sorry thats not how it works.  Let us have Our Freedom, Our Justice and Our Equality FIRST!!! Politically, Socially, Culturally and Economically then we will see how unimportant Diversity really is.