Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Speaks on The Importance of Knowledge of Self

The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Speaks On The Importance Of Knowledge Of Self.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We need a "Black Family Matters Movement!!!"

A community as a whole is only a reflection of the state of the individual families within that community. Our families are literally Broken. Financially Socially, Culturally, Economically and Spiritually (not talking religion, theres enough of that). It start with the family.

It doesnt matter what we go through until we build that aspect of Black Life back up our communities will be in shambles.

But until then we cant continue to roll the dice with our children raising them in these terrible environments and hoping and a wishing and a praying that they will be able to survive and come out of it. If you care about our youth move them out of the city into the country... Or at least in a quite part of town and have tighter controls on their coming and going.

Your environment will change you before you change it. I wouldnt raise my children in and around the projects, drugs, sex, crime and violence. And if you do you can't expect them not to be somewhat impacted by it. And as long as our communities are Poor and Broken Familes thats is what our communities are going to look like...

My oldest are 16 and 15 girl and boy and they dont go nowhere or do anything without me and the wife knowing who what when where and how... We got to get back to Family Matters...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Balfour Declaration

Lord Rothschild and the Illuminati NWO

Rothschild and the Illuminati New World Order

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Is Government assistance Really assistance?

Food stamps is kinda like a drug. In many ways its part of the problem. By no means is it a real solution.

When you think of the root causes of poverty you don't say "hey lets just give them food stamps". Thats like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. You have to address the root causes of poverty... And we really don't do that in any significant way. Food Stamps dont lower the poverty rate...

So that begs the question why are people poor? Define poor. I'm not poor but but I'm a couple paychecks from being homeless and destitute. Poverty comes from the way our system is set up it.  For there to be winners there has to be losers. This fairly tale that everyone can win partly contributes to it. No one realistically looks at it. 

When the rich get richer the poor naturally gets poorer and the middle class fall closer to the working poor. Thats the nature of Capitalist Competition. Those that control the most capital have the over whelming advantage. Like being the big chip stack at the poker table. Unless you just start playing erratically you more then likely are going to win. But in a poker tournament the one who wins wins by obtaining ALL the chips.

For many poor people they are born into a situation where they are the small chip stack in a poker game and they dont know how to play. And no one has ever really taught them. So they continue to lose. This goes to education. In high school they don't really teach entrepreneurship they barely prepare our children for the job market (those that graduate). Even college doesnt have a great enough emphasis on teaching people how create jobs instead of just finding a job.

But once you get to this point this is where you learn of class, your true station in life. Just obtaining education doesnt guarantee opportunity no matter your level of skill. Peoples hate, bias and prejudice leads them to discriminate. Ultimately the cream will rise but not necessarily to the top.

For many classes there is a glass ceiling. There are so many barriers. And thats for the ones with education. The ones that werent as lucky are hoping and wishing they can find a job but they lack skills talents and abilities. Many give up and go for the seemingly "easy money" the street life offers, some are born into that life. Regardless, once engulfed in that world there are only two outcomes: Dead or In Jail. Our "Prison Industrial Complex system of Mass Incarceration". RE: 13th Amendment. Poverty leads people down this road.

The answer is JOB CREATION and equal opportunity. Our system wont guarantee us either and they wont teach us how to create our own jobs and to create our own opportunities or give us the access to credit, capital and adequate funding.

This is where our money could be better used. Spending more money on assisting African Americans on creating Small Businesses and creating Job opportunities. Spend more money on recruiting more industries to our region. Economic Development for the ones that NEED it the most. We need to really focus on lowering the poverty rate in the African American community not just giving scraps.

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