Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We need a "Black Family Matters Movement!!!"

A community as a whole is only a reflection of the state of the individual families within that community. Our families are literally Broken. Financially Socially, Culturally, Economically and Spiritually (not talking religion, theres enough of that). It start with the family.

It doesnt matter what we go through until we build that aspect of Black Life back up our communities will be in shambles.

But until then we cant continue to roll the dice with our children raising them in these terrible environments and hoping and a wishing and a praying that they will be able to survive and come out of it. If you care about our youth move them out of the city into the country... Or at least in a quite part of town and have tighter controls on their coming and going.

Your environment will change you before you change it. I wouldnt raise my children in and around the projects, drugs, sex, crime and violence. And if you do you can't expect them not to be somewhat impacted by it. And as long as our communities are Poor and Broken Familes thats is what our communities are going to look like...

My oldest are 16 and 15 girl and boy and they dont go nowhere or do anything without me and the wife knowing who what when where and how... We got to get back to Family Matters...