Monday, September 14, 2015

Liberal or Conservative the name of the game is the same "White Supremacy"

Friday, September 11, 2015

Malcolm X - Organization for Afro American Unity

I believe some combination of Malcolm's approach and Marcus's approach is the proper way forward.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MALCOLM X: The Secret FBI Tape

MALCOLM X: The Secret FBI Tape

MALCOLM X: ***THE SECRET FBI TAPE***: In this amazing secret recording of a December 1963 meeting between Malcolm X and two FBI agents from the Bureau’s New York field office, Malcolm is uncompromising in the manner in which he DEFENDS Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam against the FBI’s plots to destroy the movement – at a time when Malcolm was under a 90-day suspension that Elijah Muhammad had imposed on him for the purpose of ISOLATING and ASSASSINATING him (and not for his JFK “chickens come home to roost” remarks, as the NOI had falsely claimed at the time). For it was during this same period that Captain Joseph X Gravitt of New York’s Temple #7 (following a direct order from Elijah Muhammad himself) attempted to recruit explosives expert Luqman Abdurr Rahim (aka Anas M Luqman) to wire Malcolm’s Oldsmobile to EXPLODE upon ignition: Malcolm X chosen to cut a deal with the FBI and surrender the NOI’s most closely-guarded secrets to the US Government in return for millions of dollars and a comfortable life in a witness protection program, Malcolm could have easily DESTROYED Elijah Muhammad and the NOI over a decade before the NOI’s eventual demise in the wake of Mr Muhammad’s 1975 death.This recording is an extraordinary testament to the integrity, decency and loyalty of Malcolm X and is a devastating indictment of the BARBARISM of those in the Nation of Islam who rewarded that trust by labelling him a "traitor" and "hypocrite" and MURDERING him in cold blood on 21st February 1965 in front of his wife and children. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE #MalcolmX PETITION: #ElijahMuhammad #FBI #COINTELPRO #Farrakhan

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