Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vote! The future of your city depends on it.

Listen Up Kinston, you have 4 Black Candidates for 3 City Council seats.

You have three Votes, choose from these four candidates : Incumbent Sammy Aiken, Tharol Branch, Felicia Solomon and Michael Davis...

There are 8 candidates on the ballot which is ridiculous we have to narrow it down to these 4 options. Choose wisely the fate of your city depends on it.

Early voting is still underway. Vote NOW. You can still register and vote on the same day during early voting just bring your ID for that. ID will not be needed if you are already registered.... Early voting will end October 31st so do it TODAY! No excuses.. Election Day is November 3rd but why wait in long lines? Early voting is quick and easy...

And while we are the subject of voting, we still have a very large segment of the Black Community that don't vote and  dont believe that voting can change anything.  Listen, I understand your pain but that is the wrong way.  Voting makes a Huge difference and so does NOT voting. 

Right now the city of Kinston has 3 African Americans on the 5 member Town Council.  Yes, we are the Majority.  As it should be in a town where Blacks are the Majority.  But we are in serious Danger of losing that majority. 

As we all know Mayor Pro Temp Joe Tyson is not seeking another term.  So by default we are down One African American.  Councilman Sammy Aiken is up for reelection and his seat is not guaranteed. 

We could be down to just One African American on the City Council when its all said and done.... IF The Black Citizens of Kinston don't come and vote.  Its bigger then any particular candidate it about all of us..

The rich and wealthy of this town have their candidates in waiting, hoping wishing and planning for us not to show up to the polls.  Well, we need to send a message to them that we want to maintain our Majority on the City Council and we are going to support our Black Candidates.  Kinston its in your hands.  Nobody can stop us but us!!!! Now get up get out and vote!!""