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Malcolm X speaking on the Election of Donald Trump...

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Malcolm X speaks on police brutality

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Police lie to...

Only an idiot would believing everything the police say. They are just as corrupt as any other government official. Its ironic how CONservatives complain about Big Government and Waste Fraud and Abuse when on the Local Level the Local Law Enforcement are Biggest example of Big Government Waste Fraud and Abuse there is. The Irony and Audacity of Hypocrisy..... Police can't keep us safe and most of the time they are the Danger. They can't Prevent Crime. They are Terrible at solving Crime and they are the only citizens that can commit Cold Blooded Murder and get paid leave. The Police are Protecting Property not People. The Police could give a damn about any civilian loss of life. Riot gear basically instigates a Riot. They came prepared for a Riot and that's what they got. If the Police came in peace then peace would prevail but they are inherently violent and violence is all they understand... I wish I could say policing is an honest and honorable profession but they have dishonored their uniform they have dishonored their badge they have dishonored their flag. This issue Started with the Police. The Police are the Problem and we can't expect the police to solve it.

Local Elected Officials can stop Police Brutality

We need not go after Black athletes who don't want to risk their job or endorsements by protesting. I think it is silly to demand they do so. They have families to feed and bills to pay. We can't ask them to sacrifice that unless we going to support Their families financially which we Ain't going to do. They just high paid employees they don't run shit... What we should be doing is demanding our Real Leaders You know the guys we elect to stop this. Pass some legislation severely punishing COPs. Pass some legislation Disarming and Demilitarizing law enforcement. The Biggest budget expenditure for most towns cities and counties is law enforcement. Local elected officials could have a tremendous impact on this police brutality and injustice but they haven't passed anything to stop it. We need to put our focus where it belongs. Athletes aren't elected Leaders. Like Charles Barkley said years ago they ain't role models. We must hold our Local Elected officials responsible to stop this...

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Media Manipulation & the Fake Outrage over Birtherism

Black America's unconditional support of Hillary Clinton

What bothers me is Black America's unconditional support of Hillary Clinton.  She has done absolutely nothing to EARN the Black Vote.  Hillary's only chance of winning this election is for there to be a Strong African American Turnout but what has she promised us in return?????

Hillary is just as racist as Trump if he's racist at all.  They are politicians.  They both will say and do anything to get votes.  It just so happens the Republican Party electorate are Poor Racist Redneck White Folks so thats who he has to pander to..  Hillary is pandering to Poor dumb ass black folks...
The problem is most blacks are just plain politically illiterate.  They are trapped in the Two party system.  I betcha the vast majority of people registered independent or unaffiliated are white.  Blacks can't be anything other then Democrat or else the who entire African American community will lynch them. Its sad but true.  Blacks have been CONditioned to vote Democrat even when its not in their best interest...

What bothers me is you got Black Folk calling a Brother a COON for supporting Trump not realizing you are just as much a COON for supporting Hillary. It makes no difference.  They both descendants of our Slave Masters. Neither candidate is really for the liberation of Black Folks. We will still have black communities under Police brutality occupation and oppression regardless who wins..

I come to realize we will never understand Politics in this country.  Just exactly why are Blacks  so supportive of Hillary??? What has she actually done???  I know what she has said in the past about President Obama during 2008.   I know what she said about Young Black kids as Super Predators.. I know what her Husband did to Black Communities with welfare reform and mass incarceration.  We Black folk obviously have short memory.  We have absolutely no reason to support Hillary Clinton.  It makes absolutely no sense...

Blacks think Hillary is going to save the country.  That just naive and delusional .  The only reason we even know who Hillary is because of her Husband not her credentials.  Its classic nepotism. Nobody brings that up.  And her Husbands record towards African Americans has been atrocious.  Nobody brings that up.  We are just suppose to blindly follow Hillary and the Democrats.  But what have they done for us to improve our condition????

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Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech

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White America has to squash dissent

Its not about the flag the national anthem or anything Colin said. Its is simply White America has to squash dissent. If Colin feels free to express himself it may embolden others. That is what they don't want. There are players who probably have much more radical views then Colin who don't feel comfortable speaking out in fear of losing their Job or endorsements or just media backlash. Lets be real we may be able to say what we want but we can't control how people respond or the course of action people may take.

FEAR silences most people from speaking out because they know even though they may make a lot of money and may have celebrity status White America can take that all away from them because they don't OWN the teams they play for they are OWNED by the teams they play for. They are just highly paid employees especially in football where the contracts aren't guaranteed and any player can be let go at a moments notice. In light of this fact what Colin said and did means so much more. He is risking his lively hood. Regardless if people agree with him or not his courage has to be commended.

Many African Americans have no affinity for the Flag. Under the flag we've faced the worse conditions humanly possible. We were Robbed of our Culture our Country our Language our Names our Identity and brought here Prisoners of War to be slaves and treated no better then cattle. What allegiances should African Americans have to the flag? Even after Slavery we had to deal with RACISM and DISCRIMINATION. Jim Crow Laws and lynching. Terrorism by the KKK sanctioned by the Government if not sanctioned definitely ignored. God forbid we ask for just a little equality man that will get your house firebombed or your church burned down. We've never really been free here.

Martin Luther King Jr. only wanted to be friends with white people and live peace and they killed his ass.  That alone should tell us all we need to know right there.  They finally decided to let us vote and what do we do?  We vote for the same party that was fighting to keep us slaves and now we are slaves to that party.. Its true.  Let Black Man say he isn't voting Democrat and watch him catch hell from other Blacks.  As if one slave master is better then another.  We still ain't free.  We can't walk down the streets in peace without fear of the Police.  We live in constant threat of DEATH hanging over our heads.  That aint free.

We thought that if we could vote that eventually we would vote in politicians that would work in our best interest to bring about real CHANGE.  We haven't seen it yet.  Nothing substantial has changed since the early 1900s.  I know because I've studied Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois and Marcus Garvey.  The same conditions those men fought to change are the same conditions we are plagued with today.  Still have poor housing, we still have poor education, we still have economic inequality, we still face mass incarceration for minor offenses, we still face racism and discrimination, we still face lack of opportunity.  We are trapped in a System of Racism/White Supremacy that we still very much so don't understand. And until we unite as a people as the Great Marcus Garvey wanted and solve our own problems we will never be free...

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What's the American Flag to the Black Man & Woman in America?

What's the American Flag to the Black Man and Woman in America anyway?  Seriously.  Most people don't sit and contemplate these things.  Just because we are born here doesn't mean we should have total allegiance to the Flag.  This Country was built on Racism/White Supremacy not Freedom Justice and Equality. Nothing on that flag represents me or my history.  Not one star nor strip reflects the struggle for Freedom Justice and Equality for the Black Man and Woman in America.

Yes we are citizens Yes by law we are Americans but that Flag should have no value to Black people because America sees no value in us.  The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey gave us a Flag, The Universal African Flag, Pan-African Flag, UNIA Flag, The Black Liberation Flag what ever you want to call it we have our own flag that we should pledge allegiance to and be proud of.

Garvey said "Show me the race or the nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of people without any pride. Aye! In song and mimicry they have said, "Every race has a flag but the coon." How true! Aye! But that was said of us four years ago. They can't say it now...."  

The Red, The Black, and The Green.

Red for the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry, and shed for liberation;
Black for the black people whose existence as a nation, though not a nation-state, is affirmed by the existence of the flag; and
Green for the abundant natural wealth of Africa.

The American Flag is a symbol of European World Domination and oppression of the Indigenous people of the World.  Even today the Black Man and Woman in America 50 years after the civil rights movement are not treated as True Citizens of this country.

I had a conversation with a coworker of mine from Bosnia who is a citizen and she said that even though she's a citizen she knows that many people will never look at her that way.  I told her that Blacks have never been looked at as citizens not equally.  I told her how we weren't even looked as Humans.  Our fight here has always been for Human Rights and that fight will never end.  But we have to look in the mirror and love what we see.  Love our Black Skin, Our Black Blood and our Black Liberation Flag...

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Malcolm X, By Any Means Necessary

Hillary Clinton is a CON ARTIST

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Booker T. Washington speech

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Board of Directors and Citizens:
One-third of the population of the South is of the Negro race. No enterprise seeking the material, civil, or moral welfare of this section can disregard this element of our population and reach the highest success. I but convey to you, Mr. President and Directors, the sentiment of the masses of my race when I say that in no way have the value and manhood of the American Negro been more fittingly and generously recognized than by the managers of this magnificent Exposition at every stage of its progress. It is a recognition that will do more to cement the friendship of the two races than any occurrence since the dawn of our freedom.
Not only this, but the opportunity here afforded will awaken among us a new era of industrial progress. Ignorant and inexperienced, it is not strange that in the first years of our new life we began at the top instead of at the bottom; that a seat in Congress or the state legislature was more sought than real estate or industrial skill; that the political convention or stump speaking had more attractions than starting a dairy farm or truck garden.
A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal,“Water, water; we die of thirst!” The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A second time the signal, “Water, water; send us water!” ran up from the distressed vessel, and was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” And a third and fourth signal for water was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” The captain of the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, cast down his bucket, and it came up full of fresh, sparkling water from the mouth of the Amazon River. To those of my race who depend on bettering their condition in a foreign land or who underestimate the importance of cultivating friendly relations with the Southern white man, who is their next-door neighbor, I would say: “Cast down your bucket where you are”— cast it down in making friends in every manly way of the people of all races by whom we are surrounded.
Cast it down in agriculture, mechanics, in commerce, in domestic service, and in the professions. And in this connection it is well to bear in mind that whatever other sins the South may be called to bear, when it comes to business, pure and simple, it is in the South that the Negro is given a man’s chance in the commercial world, and in nothing is this Exposition more eloquent than in emphasizing this chance. Our greatest danger is that in the great leap from slavery to freedom we may overlook the fact that the masses of us are to live by the productions of our hands, and fail to keep in mind that we shall prosper in proportion as we learn to dignify and glorify common labour, and put brains and skill into the common occupations of life; shall prosper in proportion as we learn to draw the line between the superficial and the substantial, the ornamental gewgaws of life and the useful. No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem. It is at the bottom of life we must begin, and not at the top. Nor should we permit our grievances to overshadow our opportunities.
To those of the white race who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I say to my own race,“Cast down your bucket where you are.” Cast it down among the eight millions of Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have tested in days when to have proved treacherous meant the ruin of your firesides. Cast down your bucket among these people who have, without strikes and labour wars, tilled your fields, cleared your forests, builded your railroads and cities, and brought forth treasures from the bowels of the earth, and helped make possible this magnificent representation of the progress of the South. Casting down your bucket among my people, helping and encouraging them as you are doing on these grounds, and to education of head, hand, and heart, you will find that they will buy your surplus land, make blossom the waste places in your fields, and run your factories. While doing this, you can be sure in the future, as in the past, that you and your families will be surrounded by the most patient, faithful, law-abiding, and unresentful people that the world has seen. As we have proved our loyalty to you in the past, in nursing your children, watching by the sick-bed of your mothers and fathers, and often following them with tear-dimmed eyes to their graves, so in the future, in our humble way, we shall stand by you with a devotion that no foreigner can approach, ready to lay down our lives, if need be, in defense of yours, interlacing our industrial, commercial, civil, and religious life with yours in a way that shall make the interests of both races one. In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.
There is no defense or security for any of us except in the highest intelligence and development of all. If anywhere there are efforts tending to curtail the fullest growth of the Negro, let these efforts be turned into stimulating, encouraging, and making him the most useful and intelligent citizen. Effort or means so invested will pay a thousand per cent interest. These efforts will be twice blessed—blessing him that gives and him that takes. There is no escape through law of man or God from the inevitable:
The laws of changeless justice bind Oppressor with oppressed;
And close as sin and suffering joined We march to fate abreast...
Nearly sixteen millions of hands will aid you in pulling the load upward, or they will pull against you the load downward. We shall constitute one-third and more of the ignorance and crime of the South, or one-third [of] its intelligence and progress; we shall contribute one-third to the business and industrial prosperity of the South, or we shall prove a veritable body of death, stagnating, depressing, retarding every effort to advance the body politic.
Gentlemen of the Exposition, as we present to you our humble effort at an exhibition of our progress, you must not expect overmuch. Starting thirty years ago with ownership here and there in a few quilts and pumpkins and chickens (gathered from miscellaneous sources), remember the path that has led from these to the inventions and production of agricultural implements, buggies, steam-engines, newspapers, books, statuary, carving, paintings, the management of drug stores and banks, has not been trodden without contact with thorns and thistles. While we take pride in what we exhibit as a result of our independent efforts, we do not for a moment forget that our part in this exhibition would fall far short of your expectations but for the constant help that has come to our educational life, not only from the Southern states, but especially from Northern philanthropists, who have made their gifts a constant stream of blessing and encouragement.
The wisest among my race understand that the agitation of questions of social equality is the extremest folly, and that progress in the enjoyment of all the privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing. No race that has anything to contribute to the markets of the world is long in any degree ostracized. It is important and right that all privileges of the law be ours, but it is vastly more important that we be prepared for the exercise of these privileges. The opportunity to earn a dollar in a factory just now is worth infinitely more than the opportunity to spend a dollar in an opera-house.
In conclusion, may I repeat that nothing in thirty years has given us more hope and encouragement, and drawn us so near to you of the white race, as this opportunity offered by the Exposition; and here bending, as it were, over the altar that represents the results of the struggles of your race and mine, both starting practically empty-handed three decades ago, I pledge that in your effort to work out the great and intricate problem which God has laid at the doors of the South, you shall have at all times the patient, sympathetic help of my race; only let this be constantly in mind, that, while from representations in these buildings of the product of field, of forest, of mine, of factory, letters, and art, much good will come, yet far above and beyond material benefits will be that higher good, that, let us pray God, will come, in a blotting out of sectional differences and racial animosities and suspicions, in a determination to administer absolute justice, in a willing obedience among all classes to the mandates of law. This, coupled with our material prosperity, will bring into our beloved South a new heaven and a new earth.

The Failed Integration Experiment

Integration hasn't worked won't work and wasn't designed to work.  What integration has done and was designed to do was to take the Best of us from the Rest of us.  The whole concept of getting out of the hood leaving the hood came out of Integration. We wanted to live in good White neighborhoods we wanted to go to good White schools hell even wanted to marry good White women.  We didn't want anything that had to do with black.  And only the best of us the upper middle class wealthy college educated Negroes could afford to live in the White Neighborhoods and send their kids to the white schools or had enough money to attract a white woman.  But what did that leave in hood?

With the best and brightest leaving it left the hood with no capable qualified Leadership.  With integration in full swing no need to patronize black businesses when the doors of Good White Businesses were finally open to us now.  No need to put your money in Black Banks because the doors of Good White Banks were open to us now.  No need to buy a home in Black neighborhoods when access to Good White Neighborhoods were open to us now....

This how gentrification took root.  Whites left the inner cities but still owned many of the properties they just decided to rent them out.  Now they've decided to come back and they are tearing down the properties in big cities they let us rent that became ran down and building new more expensive properties that they know we can't afford because what left in hood don't have the wealth to obtain and the upper middle class wealthy college educated Negroes don't have the desire.

Our errors and mistakes during the Civil Rights era should be abundantly clear by now.  We should have been trying to Build Strong communities for ourselves instead of Trying to integrate into theirs.  And I say trying because we haven't even succeeded at that.  We still fighting for a seat at their table instead of putting something on our own table for ourselves.  It is sad but It's true.  They didn't kill Martin Luther King Jr when he was talking integration they killed Martin Luther King Jr when he started talking talking about Black Economic Empowerment.  When he started talking about putting your money in Black Banks and patronizing Black businesses and building up the Black Community.  That's when they took him away from us.  And every leader that has talked that way since.  But we can't be scared to talk that talk because Black Economic Empowerment is the only thing that is going to pull us out of the miserable condition the vast majority of us are in. 

We need a new movement.  We need to come back to ourselves.  We need to strengthen our communities by investing in us.  By starting Black Businesses and supporting existing Black Businesses.  By Buying homes in Black Communities and building back up our neighborhoods.  By pulling our wealth together and building something for ourselves and solidifying a future for our children we can't continue to wait for another group of people to do it for us. We have to to do it for ourselves...

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The Blood suckers of the Poor

"America: The Bloodsuckers of the Poor" from a Speech given by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan Sunday, July 28, 1985 at the Final Call Administration Building.

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David Banner on The Rock Newman Show


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If America Was a Person....

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The New Congressional District Map for NC should be looked at as a Win for The Democrats

I've studied the New Congressional District Map for North Carolina. I've read part of the ruling by US District Court for the Middle District of NC offered by Circuit Judge Roger L. Gregory and I've come to the conclusion that this matter should over with. I don't believe fighting to New Maps will bare any fruit and quite honestly I happen to think the New Maps are pretty reasonable if you look at them objectively. Sure the map favors the GOP but what would anyone expect them to do? They are not going to give up any Congressional Districts to the Democrats if they can help it. They have made the 7th and the 3rd a little more competitive and quite honestly that is the best the Democrats can hope for. What I don't want to see is maps that look like SNAKES regardless who it favors Democrats or Republicans. Many State Democratic Leaders have come out against the New Maps but based on how I read the ruling and how the law reads any attempts to fight the New Maps will fail. I consider the New Maps a huge victory for North Carolina Democratic Party, NC NAACP and all parties involved. What is needed now is Voter Education. A lot of people will be in New Congressional Districts and it is the Job of the Party to ensure that information is dispensed post haste...

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We need to rethink our failed Local Law Enforcement & Justice System

Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy have shown us that Law Enforcement are POWERLESS to keep us safe!!! So why do we continue to shovel billions and trillions of dollars to Law Enforcement at all levels every year?

Maybe just maybe if those Billions and Trillions of Dollars were put to use aiding and assisting people to pull themselves up from the depths and despair of poverty our crime rate wouldn't be so high... Maybe that money should go to helping people payoff mortgages and student loans... Maybe that money should be funneled into our crumbling infrastructure in this country. Or maybe just maybe we could use that money to help provide Healthcare For All. Maybe we could use that money to invest in our under performing Public Schools.

Law Enforcement is a huge waste of money. It cant prevent crime in the first place. Does a piss poor job of solving crimes and often they commit crimes themselves... What do we have to show for our tax dollars?

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Dr Frances Cress Welsing - The Isis Papers (Full Lecture)

The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)

We send condolences to the family members of Dr. Welsing a beautiful soul and elder ancestor to us all. We humbly thank...

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