Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Failed Integration Experiment

Integration hasn't worked won't work and wasn't designed to work.  What integration has done and was designed to do was to take the Best of us from the Rest of us.  The whole concept of getting out of the hood leaving the hood came out of Integration. We wanted to live in good White neighborhoods we wanted to go to good White schools hell even wanted to marry good White women.  We didn't want anything that had to do with black.  And only the best of us the upper middle class wealthy college educated Negroes could afford to live in the White Neighborhoods and send their kids to the white schools or had enough money to attract a white woman.  But what did that leave in hood?

With the best and brightest leaving it left the hood with no capable qualified Leadership.  With integration in full swing no need to patronize black businesses when the doors of Good White Businesses were finally open to us now.  No need to put your money in Black Banks because the doors of Good White Banks were open to us now.  No need to buy a home in Black neighborhoods when access to Good White Neighborhoods were open to us now....

This how gentrification took root.  Whites left the inner cities but still owned many of the properties they just decided to rent them out.  Now they've decided to come back and they are tearing down the properties in big cities they let us rent that became ran down and building new more expensive properties that they know we can't afford because what left in hood don't have the wealth to obtain and the upper middle class wealthy college educated Negroes don't have the desire.

Our errors and mistakes during the Civil Rights era should be abundantly clear by now.  We should have been trying to Build Strong communities for ourselves instead of Trying to integrate into theirs.  And I say trying because we haven't even succeeded at that.  We still fighting for a seat at their table instead of putting something on our own table for ourselves.  It is sad but It's true.  They didn't kill Martin Luther King Jr when he was talking integration they killed Martin Luther King Jr when he started talking talking about Black Economic Empowerment.  When he started talking about putting your money in Black Banks and patronizing Black businesses and building up the Black Community.  That's when they took him away from us.  And every leader that has talked that way since.  But we can't be scared to talk that talk because Black Economic Empowerment is the only thing that is going to pull us out of the miserable condition the vast majority of us are in. 

We need a new movement.  We need to come back to ourselves.  We need to strengthen our communities by investing in us.  By starting Black Businesses and supporting existing Black Businesses.  By Buying homes in Black Communities and building back up our neighborhoods.  By pulling our wealth together and building something for ourselves and solidifying a future for our children we can't continue to wait for another group of people to do it for us. We have to to do it for ourselves...