Thursday, September 29, 2016

Malcolm X speaks on police brutality

Friday, September 23, 2016

Police lie to...

Only an idiot would believing everything the police say. They are just as corrupt as any other government official. Its ironic how CONservatives complain about Big Government and Waste Fraud and Abuse when on the Local Level the Local Law Enforcement are Biggest example of Big Government Waste Fraud and Abuse there is. The Irony and Audacity of Hypocrisy..... Police can't keep us safe and most of the time they are the Danger. They can't Prevent Crime. They are Terrible at solving Crime and they are the only citizens that can commit Cold Blooded Murder and get paid leave. The Police are Protecting Property not People. The Police could give a damn about any civilian loss of life. Riot gear basically instigates a Riot. They came prepared for a Riot and that's what they got. If the Police came in peace then peace would prevail but they are inherently violent and violence is all they understand... I wish I could say policing is an honest and honorable profession but they have dishonored their uniform they have dishonored their badge they have dishonored their flag. This issue Started with the Police. The Police are the Problem and we can't expect the police to solve it.

Local Elected Officials can stop Police Brutality

We need not go after Black athletes who don't want to risk their job or endorsements by protesting. I think it is silly to demand they do so. They have families to feed and bills to pay. We can't ask them to sacrifice that unless we going to support Their families financially which we Ain't going to do. They just high paid employees they don't run shit... What we should be doing is demanding our Real Leaders You know the guys we elect to stop this. Pass some legislation severely punishing COPs. Pass some legislation Disarming and Demilitarizing law enforcement. The Biggest budget expenditure for most towns cities and counties is law enforcement. Local elected officials could have a tremendous impact on this police brutality and injustice but they haven't passed anything to stop it. We need to put our focus where it belongs. Athletes aren't elected Leaders. Like Charles Barkley said years ago they ain't role models. We must hold our Local Elected officials responsible to stop this...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Media Manipulation & the Fake Outrage over Birtherism

Black America's unconditional support of Hillary Clinton

What bothers me is Black America's unconditional support of Hillary Clinton.  She has done absolutely nothing to EARN the Black Vote.  Hillary's only chance of winning this election is for there to be a Strong African American Turnout but what has she promised us in return?????

Hillary is just as racist as Trump if he's racist at all.  They are politicians.  They both will say and do anything to get votes.  It just so happens the Republican Party electorate are Poor Racist Redneck White Folks so thats who he has to pander to..  Hillary is pandering to Poor dumb ass black folks...
The problem is most blacks are just plain politically illiterate.  They are trapped in the Two party system.  I betcha the vast majority of people registered independent or unaffiliated are white.  Blacks can't be anything other then Democrat or else the who entire African American community will lynch them. Its sad but true.  Blacks have been CONditioned to vote Democrat even when its not in their best interest...

What bothers me is you got Black Folk calling a Brother a COON for supporting Trump not realizing you are just as much a COON for supporting Hillary. It makes no difference.  They both descendants of our Slave Masters. Neither candidate is really for the liberation of Black Folks. We will still have black communities under Police brutality occupation and oppression regardless who wins..

I come to realize we will never understand Politics in this country.  Just exactly why are Blacks  so supportive of Hillary??? What has she actually done???  I know what she has said in the past about President Obama during 2008.   I know what she said about Young Black kids as Super Predators.. I know what her Husband did to Black Communities with welfare reform and mass incarceration.  We Black folk obviously have short memory.  We have absolutely no reason to support Hillary Clinton.  It makes absolutely no sense...

Blacks think Hillary is going to save the country.  That just naive and delusional .  The only reason we even know who Hillary is because of her Husband not her credentials.  Its classic nepotism. Nobody brings that up.  And her Husbands record towards African Americans has been atrocious.  Nobody brings that up.  We are just suppose to blindly follow Hillary and the Democrats.  But what have they done for us to improve our condition????

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech

Thursday, September 1, 2016